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Total Value: 234,924,864 Gold
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Item List:
Flora Roja
Shepherdess de l'Agneau
Dream Town
Apple Rendezvous
Mod Concentric
Chocaholic Cherry Fondue
The Lovers
Pistachio Macaron
Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires
Rock Angel
Mademoiselle Magpie
Le Carousel
Zodiacal 6th Gen.
Sweet Sunrise
Midnight Rainbow
Runcible Spoon
Snow Leopard Couture
The Cherubic Queen of Solair
Mystical Mender
Trilune's Covenant
Starlit Bride
Pink Dragoness
Waiting Mistress
Clerical Nurse
Captain Cobalt
Artificial Love Song
Keionpanku Style
Keiko's Cake
Prima Poppet
Soft Sugarlace
Lady Jayne and the Mummy
Inky Wisp
Marble Bubbles
All-Star Cheer: Lovely Devils
Trilune's Promise
Unapologetic Sorry
Petit Cerise Fille
Go Goldfish
Fanciful Light Charmer
Literary Luxury
Sweetheart Sweeper
Modus Operandi
Demonic Innocence
Dainty Damsel
Music Notes Kimono Dress
Supreme Student Council
Star Smasher
Little Pink Derby Devil
Preppy Ice
Pink Fireworks Kimono Dress
Opera Diva
Sheryl Orange
Lady Unicorn
Princess Chimes
Pinot Noiress
Cutie Clobberer
Meido Powder Blue Dress
Snow White Robo Heroine Trenchcoat
Hollywood Vixen
Strawberry Charlotte
Cloud Iridescence
Indigo Flutter
Pop Music Cat
Ugly Step Sister
Frolicking Pastel
Rina's Pie Print Apron
Vintage White Stepford Dress
Vintage Pink Stepford Dress
Sleepytime Princess
Candy POP Dancer
Slashed Midnight Black Jacket
Vorpal Violet Torn Blouse
Dark Valkyrie
Blue Gingham Swing Dress
Red Gingham Swing Dress
Pink Honeymoon Camisole
Bollywood Big Finish
Sauvignon Blanche
Cream Honeymoon Bra
Teal Honeymoon Bra
Toxic Green Fancy Pants
Electric Blue Fancy Pants
Teal Honeymoon Camisole
Sapphire Extravagance Gown
G is for Green Teacher Apron
B is for Blue Teacher Apron
R is for Red Teacher Apron
B is for Blue Jumpsuit Dress
Little Diner Pink Dress
Little Diner Green Dress
Little Diner Red Dress
Little Diner Blue Dress
Little Diner Yellow Dress
Pirate StitchDress
Sweet StitchDress
Wilted StitchDress
Pink Checkers
Opalescent Rainbow
Green Banquet of Fools Bolero
Spring Peach Fuku
Butterfly Scouts Shirt
Island Sherbert
Twisted Sour Apple
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Wet T-shirt
Erteszek's Sleep
Emerald Vanir Valtz
Ruby Vanir Valtz
Amythest Vanir Valtz
Sapphire Vanir Valtz
Flirty Playboy
Shadow of Nox
Rolling Referee
Claude's Invisibility
Love Love Serve
Professor Westart