"I can't take the blame, I still find myself waiting"

What's becoming of you?
Are you seriously going to sit there and try to make me feel as though I owe you something, like letting go of someone who means so much to me?
Is that why you want her gone, because you know she mattters?
Or will you feed me some bull sh*t about how you just don't want me to get hurt?

I wish you'd realize that I just want you to be nice to me above all.
I wish you'd realize that I just want to know that you really do still love and care about me.

But the way you've been acting for the past few months has left me feeling very apprehensive about everything, especially you and me.

I want so badly for us to work, because I love you and I always will.
And though I know you'll never read this, I can't help but feel you must see what's happening, especially since its happening at your hand.

You're so cruel and insulting, everything you say to me these days is so mean and makes my heart sting.

Is that what you want, though? Are you trying so desperately to push me away? Would you like me to get the hint and take the final plunge?

Why is it so hard to be nice to the people that love you the most?
Why is it so hard... when it should come naturally?

Are people really this disgustingly cruel, or is it just the people I choose to be with?

Go easy on me. You know I'm fragile.
Like a box of china dishes, drop me and I'll smash.

But I think you know that.
And I think it excites you.
And you just want to see how long I'll last.