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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHELLO‼ I [★] JUST [★] HAPPEN [★]TO [★] BE

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMILA CAROL CARDIFF {MILLY}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I [★] HOWL [★] WITH


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MY [★] BIRTH [★] DATE [★] IS

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSEPTEMBER 26TH / / 19 YEARS OLD


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI am a GIRL

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MY [★] RANK [★] IS


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI [★] ACT [★] KINDA [★] STRANGE

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMILLY enjoys PHYSICAL ACTIVITY such as JOGGING, SWIMMING, and HIKING. She has a particular love for HUNTING, but you would never catch her using anything other than her teeth and claws. She has a GUN PERMIT just to appease her neighbors and threaten thugs who try to mess with her while she's remaining incognito.

MILLY hates COOKING, CLEANING, and other "FEMININE" TASKS. If she had a choice, she would make the omega clean her room. She also dislikes having to explain herself multiple times.

She can come off as RUDE or ARROGANT, but those who have earned her respect will find her to be very PROUD of those she respects even more than her own achievements. In terms of DAILY LIFE, MILLY will LAZE AROUND until the sun is fully up. Once she is up and doing things, she doesn't like to be INTERRUPTED. When the moon is WAXING, she is generally the most ACTIVE. Her PATIENCE WANES just as the moon does, making her most irritable when there is a NEW MOON.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HERE [★] IS [★] MY [★] HISTORY

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMILLY strove to be the biggest HELPER around the pack, due to her fierce PRIDE in the pack. She grew up in the pack, finding BROTHERS and SISTERS within its ranks that she was closer to than any of her blood family.

MILLY achieved her RANK for her actions as tensions mounted over joining the packs. During a rather bad skirmish between BANE and NIGHTSHADE, the pups of her pack were being held HOSTAGE. MILLY helped to coordinate efforts to keep both the BANE fighters busy while she and some of the younger, but equally as fierce, packmates helped to free the pups.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOTHER [★] THINGS

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI LOOK like THIS // I DRIVE THIS // I SLEEP HERE // I usually DRESS like THIS