This is my finished artwork for Siren_Fae. 3nodding


Request: Single, Full body, Normal, Colored, Full scale

Reference Pic:
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Things to know about this avi:
~She is a sexy warrior/assassin.
~She is half caucasian, half middle eastern, with narrow almond shaped eyes.
~She has a toned build with just enough curves to be sexy.
~The large curved blade is her weapon of choice. She wields it kinda like Tira holds her weapon in Soul Caliber.
~She generally looks bored or pissed, though if she gets really into a good fight she can start to look a little sadistic. Can be drawn stealthy, fighting, or just casual. And with more or less blood on her per artist's preference.
Example of her.

Preferences: Sexy

Text: None


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