First thing I'd like to say is, China is NOT the only country who celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, so please stop calling it the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

Anyhow, I celebrated that yesterday, but I didn't remember to journal it. It was cloudy yesterday, but today, the moon is incredibly bright. It's so beautiful. whee

I recommend you to read the story behind it. It's quite interesting.

So yeah. Here in Canada, they don't really celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival out on the streets. I'd imagine it would be more.. well, festive in Vietnam. I saw a few lanterns at church, but that was pretty much it. sweatdrop

It doesn't bother me how rather dull it is over here. I mean, regardless of where you are, the moon is beautiful today.

I have quite a bit of homework today, so I apologize if I was unable to write as much as I wanted today. crying

Some day, I'll write twice as much to compensate for this day. Until then, farewell my readers! blaugh Thanks for reading, and goodnight to you if it's night.