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Itchigotchi's Diary Whats this, on the ground? A notebook? No...No.. Its something more. The beaten leather cover and crumpled pages seem very well worn and loved. There is a giant "KEEP OUT" stamp on the cover, which makes you smirk as you open the book....

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Inane sleep deprived ramblings
What do you do when your sanctuary is taken away?
When the darkness that used to comfort you, attacks and chokes you?
Who can you call for at 4am?
Why can't you sleep?


An adventure fades to grey.
Too much effort to leave, so much stress to stay.
No time for work, no time to play
Time runs like sand, Feet made of clay.

Rock solid doesn't mean your crystals don't grow
Freedom in imagination, take flight.
Facets of a person that feels alone
Talk to each other by candlelight.

Its time to Step out
You're real, so Reach out
Feel it, Live it, Make out
Because this is your Shout out

Here's hope.


The grand adventure of Greed city was about to begin.
Dr. Kevlar had prepared everything, well, as much as he always did. With an intellect like his, he supposed he could probably cobble together whatever he needed for medical procedures out of the tools from the chips engineering area, so he was actually just waltzing around, watching the proceedings for takeoff. Fin scrambled past him with a few last boxes of explosives and weapons, and the hired merc Wraith marched after him, somewhat wary and locking the boxes away tightly. The cyborg didn't trust the small smiling man, Fin, no matter what disarmingly friendly noises he made. Perhaps it was somewhat of a rivalry between their styles of technology- Wraith had a cybertronic face and many replacement mechanical parts, whereas Fin had organic implants, such as the wings. Oh, don't worry, they were folded away nearly all of the time. Wraith rolled his laservision exasperatedly. He was only here because of Zazz after all, and the alien scholar was currently chatting amiably with the ships *cough* new captain. Zazz's tophat sparkled different colours over the shiny silver of the skyships hull. It had been all shined up after its last voyage had left it pockmarked with dents from a cluster of galaxy geese, and although the insides may still be as dodgy as ever, she was a relatively stable and reliable ship.
Emar grinned widely, hands on hips. Her small beaded strands of hair swung gently in the aether breeze created by the ships propulsion system as it powered up. A couple of nuts and bolts and wires were attatched into the hair too- just for good measure, in case she needed a rapid resupply while fixing anything.
After that unfortunate problem with the geese, their old captain was gone.
Who knew that space geese were allergen causing?
And that you couldn't synthesise anaphylaxic antibodies out of engine oil?
Ah well.
Lessons had been learnt.
This time around, no-one on board was going to be allergic to their bounty.
Especially seeing as their bounty was the enchanted trident of Taslantis.


Dr. Kevlar, Wraith, Fin, Zazz and Emar were ready for takeoff.
Out in the wide open atmosphere again.

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