number three.

doin' good, peeps. doin' real good.

after an afternoon of sitting around doing nothing, Avengers in the makeshift outdoor theatre tonight was pretty awesome. Robert Downey Jr. saved the day, the rest were merely helpers.


also, I want to tell you something!


fer serious, though. it hasn't been this long since, what, junior or sophomore year of high school?

and this time, I'm a ginger!! biggrin

soooo yeah. even at its worst, I think it's a gorgeous mess. Forgot how it curled itself (only in the front, sadly...) into spirals & how it could make itself look so thick yet is so manageable.

I'm gonna be so bonkers when it's like 6 inches longer... bahaha.

... also, I need more contact with boys. I'm getting over this whole "cower in fear, for they are a different Species" thing, but now I my life just doesn't involve them. at all. o.o;;...................

had a conversation with ONE last night; wasn't even remotely cute, but I was still surprised how collected I was. (granted, we were going through a corn field and I was singing to pass the time.... bahaha)

so once I FIND one or two or a flock, things should go a little more smoothly. Not the sleepy ones I sit next to in class... heavens no.

also, i love finding a good photographer's facebook albums. Especially the wedding ones.

seriously, i could spend hours looking through them...

every once in a while there will be a photo that will just make you stop.