It rains as I type down my thoughts. Every time I see the rain I think about my beloved dog Bear and my silly kitty Cato, RIP crying , and how Hollywood can tell the truth.

When we see an emotional scene in a film it just magical starts to rain and I thought that 'Only Hollywood was that fake." but when Bear and Cato descended to the sky that day I learn it does the heavens do mourn with those of are experiencing a great loss.

Cato my 9yr old cat kitty who died of an old injured and Bear and 9yr old mutt who died of (GDV) Gastric Dilation Volvolus. Bear my baby as well as my Mom's baby and Cato my Mom's other baby.

Bear....She was our family's first dog and our family's first loss. I never felt so hollow in my life and I never want to face that pain again, but with life there comes death.

When you love someone whether human or not you can not image losing them. We fool ourselves by making seem seem invincible but we are not immortal we are all mortal. cry

Though our love ones are not immortal they still can live forever. As long as they held a place in our hearts they will live on. Someone can only stay alive as long as you can keep their memory alive. heart

Those who have felt lost I know you want and will cry but she should not think about their death remember how they lived. Remember the times you fought, laughed, played, and sat together because little things like that were the best things you did together.

The rain comes fast and washes the Earth taking with the departed that must find peace. Rain is water and water is what keeps the Earth going. Water is Life and Life comes and departs leaving behind puddles for us to look at remember what took place. Letting us not forget that Life is quick and must be enjoyed. heart

I hope I wasn't to sappy of an emotional...... eek I think I just cried and I'm sorry if any one else is crying too.