Chess S. Cat aka "The Original One" - Forever Twisted

Azure Rue aka "Ruse" - Pending...
Chess S. Cat - Illusory Juncture
Chess S. Cat aka "The Agent" - Black Pond (Forgotten in Time)
Chess S. Cat aka "Masterless Ruse" - Transient Eden
Chess S. Cat aka "Prisoner #7305" - DEADMAN WONDERLAND (Forgotten in Time)
Chess S. Cat aka "The Spade" - Bloor Academy (Forgotten in Time)
Chester S. Cat aka "04-11" - gen4 (Forgotten in Time)
Duncan Vulcan Swain - The King's Secret
Jor Yvar aka "Harris" aka "Doc" - Galactic Warfare (Forgotten in Time)
Lee Grey aka "Sadiki" - Witch Hunt (Forgotten in Time)
N'vaar - mentioned in Forever Twisted
Parody Spoof aka "April Fool's Day" - Holiday Hetalia (Forgotten in Time)
Qwell - met in Forever Twisted
Rikash Black Stone - Gallagher Academy (Ғατϵ)
Secret T. Ruse - Aphorism (Forgotten in Time)
Senri aka "Twin Blades" aka "Zen" - Ethereal: Rebirth (Barton Town Ver. 2.0)
Strata E. Gem - ???
Tkal of the East Wind - met in Forever Twisted; from the same world as Mira/Nemesis
Tkal of the East Wind - Herds of Azrien
Zane the Piper aka "The King's Wit" - Castle in the Sky (Forgotten in Time)
Zenith Crane aka "Zane the Piper" - Alliance