The sun had risen and the three clans had woken up, stretching out their limbs. Couple of the guars had stayed up, while all the wolves had huddle close together in their wolf form. Yawning they shook out their fur as the leaders of the clans came out first.
"Are you ready to depart?" Fevrion asked sittign down on his hind legs.
Both the Howlfanten and Aerton replied with a nod. Nodding back the wolves began leading the way.

Far to the east Fenris and Aoshi had traveled all night.
"if I may ask where are we heading my Lord?" Aoshi asked as they flew through the skys on the back of one Fenri's brothers back who had transformed.
"To visit some old friends of mine." Fenris replied with a sly smile. Aoshi looke down, he much rather go find a way to help Aoi, but he couldnt order his new boss around now could he?
What Aoshi didnt know was that these new friends could possibly help them in helping Aoi.
Rolling on the bed it was hard to move in the clothing that had been given to her, gown after gown, after gown. Even to sleep she was given a gown for that. Aoi had been used to fighting, in clothing that allowed her to, not in clothing that proved to be an obstacle. Letting out a sigh, she saw that Arion was stil her gate keeper, as she had called him.
Did the King not trust his other guards? Or was this some joke? seeing how Arion was the one that killed Konan, one could assume that wasthe reason behind it.
"Sleep, its still eight in the morning," Arion had order from the other side of the cage.
"How about you? Dont you ever sleep?" Aoi replied instead sitting up on the bed and looking down at the down.
"Only when you sleep am I allowed to sleep" he said when he heard a tearing sound he looked over his shoulder at Aoi, how was tearing the gown half way up to her knees. Aoi continue until she had completly ripped the lower part of the gown off, "What?" she asked confused.
"You do realise that Eden makes those, and that they are very valuable correct?" Arion asked, as Aoi just threw the ripped cloth in the trash bin and went under the covers once more.
"Yeah, but I highly doubt that even she wears these to sleep." Aoi answered seeing how most animal demons as she preffered sleeping the way that they where born. Including Eden.
Arions reaction proved her right. Remebering to when he had first joined the guards, he was ordered to take something the the HYbrid at the time. Thet Hybrid being Eden, walking in on her she had gone through her transition just a couple of weeks before and she was as bare as a new born baby. Blushing he placed his hand over his face, causing Aoi to chuckle. Sending a glare towards her, she shrugged and pressed her back to the wall in an attempt to fall asleep once more.