Cloud hosting in India has emerged as a very economical web hosting phenomenon that has caught the attention of all the webmasters who desire something different as a hosting solution. The idea of cloud hosting services India is very appealing to the webmasters because it provides a reasonably huge amount of bandwidth that makes the network congestion down to ‘zero.’ This way it eliminates any possibility of downtime of the website that has been hosted on the cloud server.

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All of that is feasible because a cloud server doesn’t rely on just one physical machine. It has a whole network of different physical servers where the data is stored and retrieved from. The backup is also made simultaneously on different machines. In a nutshell, a cloud hosting server is nothing but a virtual mechanism that connects to many physical servers. It uses the resources of these servers as per the requirement of the website that it hosts.

In this manner, whenever the website needs resources the cloud hosting India mechanism searches for free resources and make them available to the site. This consequently results in unlimited amount of disk space, storage, bandwidth at your disposal that none other hosting service can provide. The root access is always in the hands of the webmaster of the site and he is at liberty to do whatever is required, in sync with the cloud hosting service to run his site. A very fascinating feature of this cloud hosting is, since your website gets to use only that much resources as much is required from time to time, the billing for your site’s hosting services also come accordingly.

So you end up paying for what you use. This is a very good feature, as here you do not have to take up the specific volume of resources and then if underused, you still have to pay for the whole package. If your site uses all the allocated resources, then you have to pay more for the extra resources that you purchase. Since all the resources can be derived from the different servers that are connected with each other as per the requirement, the stress on the network becomes insignificant, giving the site the congestion free hosting service.
The operating software could be the most preferred Linux or could be the more easily operated Microsoft Windows, as considered by many. It all depends on how proficient you are on either. With the top cloud hosting services you can also opt for the top SEO hosting services to get your website on the topmost of the premium search engine result pages.