So now I want to die I think about it every day and every night you think you life is bad wen you have dreams of the people you love die and you don't fit in and no one loves you your hated by a lot of people and you have nightmares that are so scarry you sit in the corner and cry and cry and cry untill you just can't cry no more and then you push people away and the one peson you thoght you could trust has turned on you as well

I use to know wut its like to love now I'm scared to fall in love because I always end up hurting the ones I love most I'm sorrr xd_loveispriceless_dx if I'm the only reason why you always want to die but if you ever fall I'll be the to catch you and hold you tight and never let you go I made that mistake once and I don't want it to happen agin

I love you with every little bit of my body I love your deep words tha always makes me feel beter thanx for anways being ther for me I love you and I know I tell you that all the time but you the only reason why I haven't died yet thank you so much I love you x1000000000 lol bye