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So yeah.
Times are super rough right now. While helping my mother with her own financial difficulties, I find myself getting by on the skim of my teeth. While we managed to handle payments this month, come October will be a whole new bundle of stress.

In face of this, I've decided to open up some commission spots. I do understand times are hard for everyone, so I've tried to make the pricing as reasonable as possible for everyone. If you are interested, or would like to see more samples of a certain style, then you are more than welcome to pm me.

5 slots open starting:

Black and White FB sketch = $3
Black and White Headshot sktech = $3
Gradiant HB doodle: $3
Colored HB sketch: $5
Inked Monotone Headshot - FB and minor BG: $10
Custom Lined/Inked/Colored Exorcist Character: $25
Custom Lined/Inked/Colored Akuma Character: $25