wow. halloween stuff on gaia already.

got done with everything super early today since I don't have band! whoop whoop!

so I celebrated by taking a joy ride on my bike around town to check out fall colors.

didn't really need the exercise, as i discovered this morning (to my elation) that the rec center has the same kind of weight equipment I used back home this summer.


so. lots to do.

track tomorrow & go into work yet tonight to do some stuff.

accidentally said I'd have the entirety of the manual stuff we've worked on so far edited and ready to go by Monday...

ahahaha. It'll get done, I guarantee that, but it's just funny the way things work out I guess....

so tomorrow basically have that to work on all day.

and lesson at 2, meeting at 3 to hopefully see what classes I don't have to take to graduate! whee

basically spent 70% of my class time today planning what to do over tri-state. I refuse to go home so soon, and there's SO MUCH TO DO that having five days to catch up will be bliss.

*cue the lists*

... the awesome thing about having a room at the end of the hall is that you hear all of the interesting conversations people have on their phones in the stairwell.

& it serves at roommate bonding.