Cause that's what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna rant. Yes it's for something stupid, yes I should have known better, and duh i'm still pissed.

I love my family...I think. No its a lie, I love them. But ******** I hate them too. So rant of the day?

With the economy all sorts of messed up, my family hasn't exactly been able to go grocery shopping. I have a six year old Chihuahua. We don't have dog food. So what does any dog owner do? They find something else to feed their pet until they can have the chance to get the appropriate food needed for their beloved pet. That way, animal doesn't go hungry and you won't feel as much as an a**. So that's what I did. I went and fed my dog (who's name is Princess) two vegetarian meatballs that belongs to my younger sis.

Guess what? Dumb b***h throws a (insert drum roll) a b***h fit! The selfish c**t starts yelling how I had no right to feed OUR dog two tiny meatballs out of a whole ******** bag that the b***h had. Said "******** our dog" when I pointed out that OUR dog was hungry cause she hadn't had anything to eat all day. I think its to be expected that I would naturally get angry. I call her retarded then took it back cause then i'd be insulting all the special people in the world cause to compare them to her would be a huge insult to them. So I walked away and went for some fresh air.

Its been hours. We haven't talked about it since so I think its safe to assume that she's gotten over it. WRONG. Dad comes home and when i'm not looking she goes snitching to him about it (nothing new I was just hoping she grew out of it by now since she's nineteen now). And then I become the the bad guy. He bitches at me about using two tiny ******** meatballs to feed OUR ******** DOG and insist that i'm in the wrong since my sister being a vegetarian needs all that she can get. Lets ignore the fact that we have a whole ******** freezer filled with her fake as food s**t and that my grandmother has her own fridge filled with just as much vegetarian crap for my sis.

Well you know what I have to say? ******** you Dad and ******** you harder sis. Cause your both ******** dumbasses and selfish ones at that.

******** you very much heart