So, I spent my International Talk Like a Pirate Day shopping with one of my friends, a friend I've known for a very, very long time. I TOTALLY forgot what day it was! I seriously need to write this s**t down from now on, because I missed two things that would have been rather great fun to participate in. The first being an all-weekend pirate fest here on Gaia. why is it that Gaia always has events on days when I'm actually out enjoying life? Grr. Second... apparently Krispy Kreme was offering a free dozen donuts to anyone who came in dressed as a pirate, talking the talk. WHY DOES NO ONE INFORM ME OF THESE THINGS WELL IN ADVANCE??? *sigh* So I missed out on event fun AND donuts. it's a damn good thing I'll be on my way to Jonathan's in less than 48 hours or I would have really hated this September. *lol* No Pagan Pride day, no Michigan Ren Fest, no ITLAPD, no piratical events... Oy vey. Someone remind me in advance next year!

pirate pirate pirate