Competition in the Indian economic front, amongst the big corporate honchos, has introduced fresh and innovative ways of technological innovations, in their business. One among them is the optimum use of the internet, these days every large company has their websites, promoting their online and offline business entities. These websites require, being of excellent performance whilst they are online to advertise, and generate revenue on a large scale.

For this purpose, the company not only needs, to build a solid and outstanding website but also look after the proper web hosting solutions. By web hosting solutions we mean the services that enable a website float, in the cyber space without any glitch, and always remain in sight of the viewers. However, this whole process is not as easy as it may sound, it involves a lot of work from both the ends; the website owner as well as the web hosting service provider. The best kind of hosting service can only be done on a dedicated server in India.

Dedicated server India provides its user the agility and flexibility to run their website in a manner, which makes an adequate impact on the audience. The advantage to having a complete physical server with the prescribed or requested hardware, software, and web applications to run the site, gives a tremendous control over the elements of web hosting. The full root access is granted with a dedicated server hosting in India that assist the webmaster to be always in charge of the proceedings, which may require any sudden changes of the website hosting.

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A client can have unlimited choices to choose from the resources, to make a custom setup for the hosting purpose. This is because on the dedicated server one receives a lot of options, in the configuration of the device. These configurations could be given by the hosting service provider, or they could get the device ready; as per the required specifications of the client. Later the client can install some more hardware, and software devices, to enhance the performance of the dedicated server. The control panel given by the service provider adds convenience, to the operations run on the web for the sites.

The operating software makes a major difference to the functionality of the dedicated server. One can choose between the Linux OS or the Windows OS from Microsoft. The Microsoft Windows is being chosen by most of the webmasters, who are not into much of an experiment and like to go along the traditional Windows applications for hosting their sites, on a dedicated hosting server. Linux is open source software, it costs nothing, yet it gives a major scope in modifications of the Linux hosting applications. This feature of Linux makes it absolutely cheap, safe and the most favored OS. In fact, some applications that run on Linux can also run on windows. However, it can’t be the other way around for windows applications to work on the Linux. Dedicated server hosting in India may be costly but it is the best thing a corporate website must adapt to.