that moment when you become hyper-compulsive about a person you've never met, because you had an affirming dream about them. O.O

it's like a sickness.

and the fish isn't helping. I've taken to habitatually swearing at it; it doesn't seem to like me. whenever I'm around it sulks at the bottom of the bowl, but when I'm (supposedly) out of sight, it swims happily around. and then it freaks out (ROYALLY) when i pick up the bowl.

what a strange thing. it's making me sad that it doesn't like me. then again, I DID traumatize it the night i got it... being walked around for an hour at the bottom of a very small cup after being chased with a straw, then forgotten in chaos and picked up later to suffer a long and dangerous bike ride (lost like a third of the water in the cup haha...) before being unceremoniously dumped in a bowl and ignored.

now it has a compact mirror to entertain itself. it's showing more signs of life, and was quite enthralled with it for a while, but it must get tired easily.

i can relate. razz

I'm changing its name to Gilderoy. I've been thinking of that name for a few days, and it fits him.

had a long meeting this morning to go over a bunch of stuff at the office. I have a LOT to do; maybe this week I'll actually get in the number of hours I've been meaning to get in haha.

reformatting the manual this week.

majority of homework is done (except econ..............*insert select curse words here*), just have a bunch of reading to do.

bahaha. :] strange day turned stranger. I like it. ^^