ehh.. I honestly don't feel like to check my other entries to see if i haven't already post something like this.. I'm lazy but either way it's outdated if i did. As you are reading you may find this little uninteligent and want to be like "This dude is really ret- trying so hard" In that case Go inappropriately pleasure yourself...

so like this is more of opinion wise on both religon and morals, i mention some facts maybe, i don't know if i do then i do. I don't feel like to delete what i'm saying right now so what ever comes to mind i'm tpying it and only fixing misspells and screwing over grammar. Sorry 2nd grade, nothing personal. Actaully Ya, i switched schools and the new school i only had two days of recess for the rest of the year. I'm such a rebel; Nah that isn't the case. The teacher WAS Terrible* End of story. Going little off topic right now..........

So let's start it with Religon. It's more like my own beliefs, i don't go to church, i celbrate EVERY normal holiday i guess. I'm suppose to be a Catholic like everyone else in this family but then again i'm the only one who uses oil tankers filled up with my sins. surprised

Explain that later.

My family hates me for not wanting to go to church. When i was little it was more of a selfish reason.
" No dad I want to play playstation!! "
How ever this did change when i was 13-14 This is when i became insane and stuff.. and Major Depress. during this time i often brought the lord's name in vain NUMMEROUS amounts of times. "Love me or hate me"
However this was also good time of my life.
"She opened my eyes" -Insanity talking.
let's say i'm a bit slow, According to certain amount of people using me to fill their pockets. Off topic..
So i stoped believng in the catholic Faith, It just wasn't me. However i still believe in something. I do believe that there is something that is far greater then us. Mr,G i like saying Mr,G instead of God. "Why?"
Ehh How the fudge do i know? [Duh]
My belief is more of a mix, of Faith and science. Do i believe in the Evolution chain that we use to be monkeys.
I don't Give a Doody about it. If anything thats Awesome cuz i fricken love monkeys.
Anyway, i have nothing against what people want to believe in if they perfer that Mr,g Created us then ok. All i can really say is
"Why does it matter where we came from? The fact that we are here should be good enough."
I just don't want them to be those Door to door people telling us crap. Saying satan this, Satan that. What ever i bet he's a good guy you guys are just judging him instead of knowing him. I've said that to one of those people before... Moral- in a bit.

i believe thats good on that part of beliefs.. Oh why don't i go to church now? - More reasonable reason.
After the things i've done and did. could be forgiven by him, i can't forgive myself for it except to just accept it. When i'm near Holy ground i feel like i don't deserve to be there. I respect that. year Half ago i went to church in italy. All by my own will i questioned nothing. Just went. For my Grand father. Even though i never knew him, or him knowing me. I did it becasue i wanted to pay respect. I will be frigen serious with you. through that 25 mins in my mind i'm like.
" Dang, crud, snap, i can't be here, Gosh, geez, Ehh.. I'm crazy.. "
oh well, oh YA i said all that. No cursing in chruch, i'll atleast respect that. [ i didn't dress nice to. Only dude with sandals, T shirt and shorts.. Everyone else was formal. ] "Don't judge me"

Let me see... Anything else i should cover? ....
: D
.... :/
.. Hi

I Believe in equality? Not the true defintion of it tho. My own, or atleast to my knowledge. This may be little Sterotypical.. and Racist, all of it is jokes seriously.. i even Mock my own race : P
We're all Human, He's black i'm white big whoop. So what if he can Run faster, lift more, and have a better physical endurance then i do. Still Human.
Government- well Hey there some person i don't know who is checking this out because of their special spy, search engine picked up the keyword Government. Not like i'm planning on throwing a water balloon at a tree. < NATIONAL CRISSIS!!@# Another keyword. Crissis <- Insanity speaking

Went off topic.. Again. So i'ma end it here cause i'm lazy. gonna take out the Morals out of the title since i don't feel like talkin about it yet. I want to sleep early today. Terrible night last night.
I might Edit this cuz i'm pretty sure there is alot more then What i've just present it. If not, Then maybe reboot this entry later in life.

Update: Uhh... Hey.
Nah i kidd i have like a billion poems i've been makin, few short stories. None of the short stories are not going here due to the fact i may publish them. Right now i'm focusing on obtaining beter writing skills by doing stuff like. W/e book writers do to become good at what they do. Some of my poems may go on later this week if i remember. tho i need to approve some of them. Cause i'm just like that.