what a strange and lengthly dream.

usually I don't have a lot of emotion in them, but this time all sorts of pent-up rage and hurt. It had something to do with being a hospital-type building, and I could see my aunt checking in and i felt something was bad. they banned her or something, and I just lost it. I think I said something about "I'm going to find her!" and stormed off, adrenaline causing me to shove several people out of the way and two I grabbed by the back of their t-shirts and dragged them off their chairs just because I could. Tall hockey player from college also showed up, and someone I guess was his little brother. someone was teasing the brother, I whipped a bunch of keys at him, and told him to leave him alone; when he sassed at me, i pushed him back on the ground, stepped on his face and heard the satisfying and sickening crunch of his nose breaking, and moved on. O.e

there was a bunch of other stuff, too, but that part was especially vivid. think I thoroughly enjoyed just being angry for once... haha.

dream dictionary says all the major points of that dream indicate there are some underlying issues I haven't been dealing with that I should. Honestly, i think the fish thing probably would fix it xD or at least is a part of it....

so, went to sleep at 12:30 after the shift this morning. set the alarm for 4:30, so I would remember to get ready; was NOT intending to wake up to that alarm haha.

'nother shift ahora.


i don't feel too bad about not going to church these days, because technically I'm getting 4 church services over the course of the day... xD

have like 40 tabs open now.

i love research ^^