Recently a water pipe burst in my house while I was away with my gf getting food. So everything is flooded and well wet. The hard part is that I have to fix everything, and get new things that are soaked. I was ok for money, but now I tight, because of having to pay for the repairs. But that can be tolerated. It's the fact that me and my gf have to stay at her parents place in the mean time, and they have a rep. for making things harder for the both of us. The internet is shared, which means that it's going to be that much more harder to check emails and do my research. In fact I can't do that while her parents are around due to the fact that her step father is upholded by the paranormal and if he catches me doing my research he cuts out our internet. Ileana has been really sick a lot and so has not been in the best of state. Her parents critical comments does NOT HELP and in fact makes things worse. I don't know how long this "tar pit" (as I like to refure it to) is going to last, but hopefully not much longer. Bright side? well I have my gf and I can escape to work and not have to worry as much about her step father showing up as often. Although he does love to show up at my work and wants his car fixed, only to complain that I didn't do it right.