It occurred to me today that my iPod's playlist needs to get updated. Some bands I really like made albums over the past year or so, and I haven't gotten them yet. Yeah, there's a chance the songs suck, but I'd like to at least check them out! heart

*Ahem*. Anyway, I guess I should bring up something I've been thinking about recently. Maybe you've noticed that I've been writing my Journal in a very businesslike, professional manner. You know, stating just the basics of my plans for Gaia, etc.

However, I just don't talk that way, either online or in real life. The sole exception would be if I was writing something for school, but even then, I always find a way to show some of my own personality as well! What I'm trying to say is that writing, especially for Gaia, should be fun for me. I love to write! I've always felt like I can express myself better through writing than through speaking. Normally when I come on Gaia, I want to have fun, not be serious. Shouldn't those feelings come through more clearly in my journal?

They most certainly should.

So now I'm going to write at a slightly more personal level rather than a businesslike one. Of course I'll still include my plans for the day and stuff, but I'd also like to just share general ideas from the day and all that fun stuff. Frankly, I'm getting bored from writing these short, watered-down entries. They're no fun. crying

Anyway, that's settled, so now I can move into plans and stuff quickly, 'kay?

Booty Grab helps me get Gold, and so do donations and stuff, so thanks to all of you who a) bump an aquarium thread when it's glowing and b) donate to me personally. You're all awesome people.

At this rate, Graffiti Shocker, Electric Sparks, Pale Bebe, and Sky Bebe should be a breeze. I can't decide which pose I want Chicago to be in or whether she'd look better dressed in the blue beret with blue paint or the black beret with black paint... It's all so complicated! At any rate, at least it won't take me too long. Except for those headphones, but if I get the main things out of the way first, then I can maybe quest those on the side but put my focus on other stuff.

Avi art would be awesome, but I'd have to save up for it. Unless of course I checked out the Art Freebies forum (but I'm not a fan of socializing for services, which is what a lot of threads in the Freebies use-- that just feels deceptive to me, like I'm only being nice to someone so I can get something from them) or one of those Word Games where you draw the AAY (but my scanner's broken). So yeah, either I find a good Art Freebies thread or I save up for art. Or I get my image scanner fixed, but that isn't gonna happen anytime soon.

Sorry to complain so much.

Oh, yeah, and I joined the WG Checkers Guild run by Irised and Majikina! Now that I've read the rules, it suddenly makes a lot more sense exactly what we were doing the other day. Can't wait for the next game... and I'm totally dressing for the theme! mrgreen

Window shopping in NPC-run Gaia stores... they actually have some pretty cute items for sale there.

I went out with friends for McDonald's today, if you're wondering why I'm on later than normal. Although come to think of it, how late am I normally on? Hmm. Anyway, McDonald's was fun. I got a hot fudge sundae with nuts.

Oh, don't feel upset, Gaia! I'd never abandon you, no matter how much fun I have with my friends IRL!

Now I'm envisioning all your avatars beating up all my real-life friends and fighting over my attention... Heehee. whee