Sanguinary blood stories

Chapter 4 = Trial though the blood part 3

Both Kynneth walked the desert of the wastelands that had been empty for years not with just ruins of what is left from all that had happened. "So when and did you get yours? I mean I can tell you just got them, but how long have you had them." Kynneth thought about it. "Well, I've had them maybe for a day or so?" He said as Raiziki just looked at him. "Seriously, and you are able to do that ball you created earlier?" He said as Kynneth just nodded. Raiziki just sighed before saying, "Great and I thought I was going to be the fastest to learn their powers." He said before laughing some. "So what I've been told I'm a fast leaner." Kynneth said as Raiziki just shook his head. "Yeah, but it took me a week to learn how do that power ball and one of the others before told me I was the fastest learner so far. How did you learner so quick anyway?" He asked as Kynneth just shrugged. "I don't know, I just focused and tried to copy what you did." He said as Raizki just nodded. "Ahh, Temperance, control, and focus are going to be your key abilities than. I only can help you with one, maybe two of them, but control something that is out of my league." He said as he laughed some and then thought of something. "I have no idea where we are going, but seeing as you have atleast one of the same of my abilities, stick your hand up in the air and try something to deal with the gods, like prayers or something." He said as Kynneth looked confused. "Just trust me." He said as he nodded and did that with a prayer of his own having a ball of light appear and point them in a direction. "Know there we go." Raiziki said as Kynneth looked confused. "Yours worked the same as mine except a little different. It will help us find your weapons for now." He said as smiled and followed the ball and Kynneth followed as well. It lead them to a cave that was dark can could barely see but the orb leading them lit up just enough to show the way. It lead them to an open area with an open roof showing some light straight down on a pillar. The pillar didn't look any different from just a regular column of rock though. The orb floated to it and vanished as it touched the rock. Raiziki just looked at the column as he walked over to it, the ground and walls began to shake as something was coming from behind the column and as it got close. Raiziki drew his weapon. It was a rock giant that looked at Kynneth and began to raise it's hand as Raiziki went to slash it but nothing happened and it didn't stopped as Kynneth jumped out of the way and slid back some as Raizki thought about it. "Kynneth you have to defeat this thing on your own." Raiziki said to him as Kynneth sighed before focusing on where the joints were. "Ok lets try this." He said as he charged up a ball in both hands as he ran forward with the giant raising his arm again. Kynneth jumped high into the air and slammed the ball right where the armpit would be on the giant going right through it and amputating the giant's arm off. Kynneth then kicked off the giant as the giant tried again with the other arm and Kynneth just dodged back. He then charged up a ball in each hand. He ran forward with the giant going a kick this time and Kynneth shoving one ball directly into the foot knocking the giant over as Kynneth jumped into the air and charged the ball up even more and bigger and slammed it directly into the giant's head making the giant shatter into pieces flying everywhere. Kynneth just landed on the ground breathing heavily as it drained most of his energy. The rock cloumn also shattered and revealed the hilt of what looked like to be an old two handed sword. Kynneth walked over and picked it up looking at it as Raizki just smiled. "Well, now you got the handle just need the blade to make your powers at your next limit." Raizki said as they headed out from the tunnel...TBC