Hey hello and welcome to the news update at the facebook page "Gaming Galaxy NL (news group)" we have a news from Mehmet and Danny for you.

The first news is goes about Danny, he has made a perfect Game hour marathon again today and this time he chosen the game that he bought and never played till that day. So he done it great and you can read his report on his facebook profile at the notes and you can find the link on this facebook page either. Mehmet was by him and he make the video and Mehmet helped him with his report about his gaming marathon. His game was on his PS3 and the game he never played till today is the game named "Batman Arkham city" it was his three hours play and reported on his note on his facebook profile.

"Hey hello and welcome again to my Gaming Galaxy NL (news group) facebook page. Here comes the news update for today about Mehmet Lucarita Özkan and Danny Boes, because our game reporter Mehmet goes to visit his friend and the boss of the whole website GamersHelpNL and facebook page "GamersHelpNL company" he want make today a gaming marathon and Mehmet told him about my idea, if Mehmet come to him and he make the gaming marathon then can Mehmet write directly how he done it on his gaming marathon. Mehmet write it on his note at the profile of his own and then Mehmet want to share here on the "Gaming galaxy NL (news group)" so stay tuned for the new gaming marathon of Danny Boes ♥♥♥"

Also our news reporter Mehmet has started his own gaming marathon either on 12-09-2012 with his game he had bought with 50% discount of the price, because on his birthday his work friend Sian gives him €15 and the game was €30 and he was at the bank to take €15, so with that has he total €30 and he got the game. Then he played the game after bought and, but the game named "Star ocean: the last hope international" on his own PS3. Then at the date of 12-09-2012 he made the gaming marathon of three hours, but he would play 4 hours but it was not going well what he planned. Because he must vote for something about the president or something and that's why his gaming marathon was three hours. He started the gaming marathon with his "Star ocean: the last hope international" on his own PS3. He made the report on his own profile note on facebook and gamespot. then shared here on facebook page named "Gaming Galaxy NL (news group) and GamersHelpNL Company" so search the story and read, don't forget to like 'n comment.

The other news goes about Mehmet. He has bought a new game today and he talked so much about it on his work said Danny and he was crazy about, so finally he bought the game and Mehmet asked to Danny how much he was talking about that and he answered "I don't know" and he had finally the game. The game is on his Nintendo wii and the game named "Punch out" he plays the game and he loved the game. He will make soon the review about the game, so stay tuned for more news update and let the game on. We are gamers right!?