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Not a Scribe nor Stinographer It's me, Tei, as you guys know. Poet loriette and all that jazz.

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Lex and Bilal for Sam
"...Ehh. Yes and no, someone should have kept an eye on you. we kinda like you alive and not bleeding and clinging on to dear life." He smiled some,"Just kinda--facile mon ami."

"Facile...oui..." Lex swallowed and lifted the hospital gown, looking down at his chest. "********, that's a lot of stitches..." Dropping his head back, he looked over at Bilal, wondering if he looked as crappy and grey-all-over as he felt. He gave the man a crooked smile. "Should I add Nightrunner to my will if s**t goes down like that again, mon ami?" The Sparrow slid a hand over and gripped one of the other man's as tightly as he could. It was as tight as he'd hoped, his fingers all but limp.

His thumb massaged his knuckles and shook his head, "Is Jameel's car apart of that will?" Bilal laughed some and rested his forehead agaisnt the back of Lex's hand, "Mais quelque chose ne va pas comme cela se reproduise."

Lex laughed at the mention of Jameel's car, nodding. "Oui, il est tout a toi." He winced as his wounds began to protest, the laughter dying off into panting as he looked over at Bilal. Leaning over, he pressed his lips against the top of his friend's head. "La prochaine fois que je vais garder mon gardes."

"Um...angry space-bugs," said the Red Owl, answering honestly as he hopped over the rest of the charging swarm and took a seat on the stairs that led to the bedrooms. "Tell him we're all worried about him when he wakes up again. ...And ask him to call Kase, please." He looked toward where his other husband was throwing tomahawks, knives, and anything else sharp at a printed picture of the Joker. "Safety and peace, Bilal," he managed before hanging up and rubbing his temples.

Bilal looked at his phone. I think the Red Owl needs safety and peace more than he did at the moment. He pocketed his phone and headed downstairs real to the cafe to get some tea before going back up to keep the sleeping Sparrow company.

The smell of hot tea and the Sparrow's growling stomach forced him awake again. Bilal had a mug in his hand, looking content as could be. Well, not really content. Not content at all, to be honest. More worn the hell out and soothing his frazzled nerves on their very last ends with some sweet, dark leaf drink.
"Hey, waiter, can I have whatever he's having? With a side of French Big Mac?"

He smiled some and took a sip of his tea before handing the mug to him."After you call your husbands and children, yes. We'll get you a Big Mac." Bilal shook his head, "It sounded as if Jameel was stuck in a war with Godzilla deciding to visit and ******** everything up."

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