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I store various things in this, like avi art, quest logs, items, image links and profiles.
Very Short "About Me"
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My name is asdkl;ghadfgkds sadklfhsgweirha the asdjklfheg th.
But you can call me Lulu.
I'm eighteen.
Female by birth.
I'm a bit of a tomboy.
Not exactly straight.
I don't like small-talk much.
I'm rather dull. orz
I'm a contradiction.
I have a weird way of talking.
I tire of people easily.
jsdkflh birds ♥
I'm a huge sucker for cute things.
I remove people often, since I want a kind-of-small friendslist. I tend to panic if I have a big list. :u
I dislike those people that go "how is chu, I has, rawr" etc. I find that more annoying than cute.
Furries and "I Am.." item-users who do the above annoy me greatly.
I hate when people resort to the "I miss the old Gaia... :/" conversation. It gets annoying after a while.
People that can't handle the truth yet say "I prefer to be told the truth, honest is best policy," etc. tick me off.
People who continuously b***h about the sales in the cash shop tick me off.
-- It's a waste of money to you, not to them. You have no right to try and tell them what to do with their money.
Wealth doesn't matter much to me. IF YOU'RE COOL, YOU'RE COOL, MANNN.
For the most part, I'm nice.
-- Unless you display stupidity and ignorance of the highest level.
I'll talk to whoever says hi, unless I know you're a p***k/troll/cybernoob.
-- Regardless of how rich/poor you are, I assume you want something if you approach me in Towns, so I pretend to be AFK most of the time. If I moved, and think you saw me, I'll reply.
If you say you're going to block me, I'll take you seriously and block you back.
-- Unless we're just fooling around, being stupid.
I'm a Gemini, and there's (surprisingly) a lot of things on the list of traits/quirks for that sign apply to me.
I could care less what you think about me.

-- Persona 4 Golden [PS Vita] [Waiting for PSV to arrive]
-- Tales of Phantasia [GBA]
-- Persona 1 [PSP] [On Hold]
-- Eternal Sonata [PS3] [On Hold]
-- Grand Fantasia [Wii] [On Hold]

Can't wait for:
-- My PSVita to arrive
-- Next KH game
-- More news about Persona 5
-- My quest to be over and done with.

Current obsessions:
-- Ayabie
-- Hatoful Boyfriend

Obsessions since forever:
-- Kingdom Hearts
-- Katekyo Hitman Reborn
-- Persona
-- Paranoia Agent
-- .hack//
-- Yosuke Hanamura [Persona 4]


Skype: tsunafishy
Steam: Awesomura Brosuke

Feel free to add me.
Tell me VIA PM/Comment first.
If you want.


Currently Questing
(in this order)


Selling my inventory.

I'm questing avatar art.
>Paranoia Agent Art Request Entry.<
[I tip well. ♥]

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