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A statement that appears to be absurd or self-contradictory but is true.
MY STORY (FL) Prologue

Blood. There were so many blood.on the ground, in my hand, it was like a blood bath. Who's blood am i talking about? My family. My friends. And all the people who i lived with for the past 11 years. I remember clearly those blue eyes, his sweet words, his lies. The most cruelest man who was ever created. Beause of him, i had to kill the one who is preacious to me. Because of him, this entire village died. Innocent people was killed. Because of him, these chains was bound to me forever. There was only one thing that i could think of; revenge. I will kill him even if it means that i shall die at the end of this war. Because that man, doesn't deserve to live, he must be punished.

Lets turn back time to a few weeks ago shall we?

It was a glorious morning. The whole villadge was bath in the sun's warmth. Birds was singing in a beautiful tune. The smell of baked good filled the air. Green meadows, far away hills was a scenery for your eyes to feast. My name is Felicia Leve. It means lucky to born. My mum told me that when I was born, the village was in a horrible state and it was not the best of time for a fragile child to be born. I always asked her what happen to the village at that moment, but she always remain silent and change the topic.

That afternoon, i went to old man Jack to buy some groceries for mum. When i was on my way home, i saw a crowd in the middle of the road. it made me wonder what could of happen that made everyone huddle in the middle of the road. So i went and see what was everyone was looking and talking about. As i came nearer to the crowd, i saw Jane. She was my friend since i could remember. I tapped on her shoulder and ask her if she knew what happen. "oh Fel, it terrible! The villagers found a man covered in blood in the middle of the road. We know nothing about the man, he's not from our village." she said. Not from the village eh? I ask my self. It was rare to find someone who is not from our village because our village is just some small village far from the city. i wonder what's he looks like? "where's Luke? He was suppose to call the doctor ain't he? What on earth is taking him so long to call the doctor?" Old man Angus's voice stopped me from thinking any further. I decided to look at this man myself and go through the crowd.

" you don't have to be so loud you know Uncle Angus. I'm here already." Angus glared at him and said " took your sweet time there Luke. Why don't you just call him tomorrow and let this fella just die?" Luke just smiled. Luke is older than me. i could hear some on the girls making a fuss out of his presence. "morning Luke" one of the girl said while waving and fluttering her eyelashes. My goodness. If only they knew his real personality. " i'm here! I'm here! Where's my patient?" Doctor Barns was pushing his way through the crowd and was carrying a brown briefcase in his left hand. " dear god! What happen to this poor young man? His's covered in blood!" that was his reaction when he sees the man. He then sits next to the man and took out his stethoscope from his brief case and examine the man's body. I still couldn't see his face though. Angus's head was blocking the view! " he seem to have not gravely injured. He just got scratches all over his body and all the blood came from a deep scratch on his right arm. Now, could someone help me carry this young man to my clinic?" Luke and Rickkie help Dr. Barn carry that man. For a split second, i could see that man's face.

His face was flawless except for the fact that it was smattered with blood . Pale white skin with dark lips. Well, not black at least could be because he smokes. He has brown hair. There was something that attracts me to him. The next day, i went to visit him at the clinic. Now don't think ill of me. I went in through the window because they didn't allow any visitors at the moment. I don't know why i would go that far just to see some stranger i met yesterday. There he was. Laying on the bed. He looks peaceful. My eye was tracing the figure of his face. " you know, it's dangerous for a girl to come in through the window and stare at a total stranger." i fell due to shock. He was awake!

" you're awake!" he got up from bed "yes. Since before you entered you know. Now, may i ask, what's a girl doing in a boy's room?" he came closer and closer to me as he say those words. " nothing. I was just wondering how you look like because it is rare for an outsider to come here." he grins. "and what do you think of me now you had seen me face to face?" he was so close! I shut my eyes tight. I could feel his breath on my cheek. Suddenly, i heard him laugh. He was laughing?! Does he know how scary that was? " hahahaha! That will teach you a lesson. Here's a tip. DON'T go into a boys room. Got it?" i nod my head. We turn to face the door as we heard the door creek. " please don't tell Dr. Barns that i was here." he just ignored me and lay on his bed. I hid in the cupboard. " well, i heard you laugh just now, what was so funny may i ask?" please please please don't tell him, i prayed in my heart. " just amazed for the fact that i am still alive."

After Dr. Barns finish checking that cruel man, he went out. The man was allowed to leave as well. I came out of the cupboard. I think staying in there longer would kill me due to suffocation. " thank you for not telling Dr. Barns bout me. " i said politely. "whatever" his reply is as cold as always. I was just about to climb out the window when he called me " hey! On second thought, why don't you show me around? You know for not telling that doctor that you were here." that is not a bad idea i think. I mean, what could go wrong right? " sure." i said. After that we went everywhere. The bakery, the bookstore, the fountain and lastly we stopped at the outskirts of the village where we lay on a field of green grass.

" i love the smell of fresh cut grass." i said while taking a deep breath. " sure, whatever. Anyway, this town isn't half bad if you ask me. Oh, and who are you actually? I mean, everybody says hello and gives you free stuffs to eat like the old man with the bakery shop." i laugh. " you know, i am actually the princess of this village." he gasp and said " are you serious?" he was so shock that he didn't realize he was making a funny face. " hahaha!! I can't believe you really fell for it. Hahaha!" i couldn't stop my self from laughing. " ha.ha." he laugh sarcastically. "enough with the laughing already. My name is Dominique. Sounds like dominic but ends with a 'q' , 'u' , 'e'." i wiped of the tears. I was laughing so hard, tear drop start coming out of my eyes. " sorry Dominique. My name is Felicia. They call me Fel here." i held my hand up for a shake. He understood and took my hand. " nice meeting you Fel."

And that is how we met. It didn't took long for us to got close. He was a year older than me. Jane kept saying that he likes me and truthfully, i do like him but was too embarrassed to say it out loud. At the end of the week, he asked me to meet him at the usual place which was on top of a hill on the outskirts of the village. When i arrived on the top of the hill, we lay and talked about many things. "do you believe in magic?" he asked. "of course. Somewhere, out there, there's a fairy waiting for me to find her. A fairy just like Thinkerbell. My mum always told me about magical tale before i sleep." he smile and turn around facing me. "you know, i can do magic. I could show you if you like." i turn around facing him and we gaze upon each others eyes. He smiled and wave his hand to the ground. Suddenly, daisies starts to grew. I gasp and look at him. "you really can do magic! That's amazing! "he chuckled. "you like daisies right?" i nodded. "i'm glad you like them."

Everyday, we would come to the top of the hill and lay under the blue sky. One day, he suddenly ask something that was so shocking. "Fel, in 10 years when we're adults, would you care to marry me?" i was lost for words! I nodded and he hug me. I'm so surprised i don't even remember what kind of expression i had at that moment. That night, i sleep with a smile on my face, waiting for the next day to meet him.

The next day, i could remember everything that happen that day. I woke up, took a bath and got dressed to meet him. When i went into the kitchen, mum wasn't there. I guessed she went out to buy some groceries. I took my breakfast and head out. The village was strangely quiet that day, the road was empty. I saw Jane at the fountain. I ran towards her and hugged her. " Jane! How are you? I haven't seen you lately. You couldn't guess what happen yesterday!" Jane kept her head down not saying anything. " come on Jane, don't be mad. Sorry i've been busy with Dominique but you're the one who is always pushing me to meet him everyday right? Please, don't be mad." i made a sad face, hoping she would forgive me."- lp me" i can't clearly hear what she was saying. I was shocked when she lift her face. It was so pale. Like there's no blood. "Fel, help me''

"Jane! What on earth happen?! We got to get you to the clinic! Come on, i'll carry you." i put her left arm behind my head and helped her to walk. Suddenly, all the door in the village opened. Everybody got out of their house walking like a zombie. I have no idea what was happening in the village. "bow to your new queen mare servants!" i heard Dominique's voice. Everybody got on their knees and had their head on the ground including Jane. I was confused. There was only one way to find the answer. I turn towards the source of the voice. There he was. In the middle of the road with quarter of the village behind him. "Dominique! What on earth are you doing?" he smiles. "my dear Fel, come with me and lets conquer the world TOGETHER! " he held his hand up waiting for me to take it. "what are you talking about? Turn them back Dominique! Stop this. It's not right." his brows arched making an angry expression. " turn them back? Why? Come on Fel, you don't have to be afraid. We can rule the world. You don't even have to lift a single finger and you can have everything you ever wished for! Take my hand and let's get married. We can live happily ever after just like a fairy tale." he smiled and came closer to me. I looked into him eyes. I never noticed those aqua blue eyes of his. Unconsciously, i took his hand.

Our eyes locked at each other. He hugged me. I could feel his warm embrace. I suddenly remember what had happen to the villagers and snapped back to reality. I pushed him hard almost making him fall. " Dominique, please i beg of you turn them back. " he was looking at me with a blank expression. What was he thinking? Is he going to turn them back? I asked myself. " so you pick them over me? Do you even love me? Was all that fake?" he said with a wavy voice. He had such broken expression. "Domini-" he cut me before i could finish my sentence. " well then, die with them if you love them so much!" what? He is going to kill the villagers? " wait Dominique! Stop this! Undo the spell!" he chuckle and said "sorry my dear Fel, this is an irreversable spell. Now, the only way to free their soul is to kill them." the words wouldn't come out. I can only looked at him with a shock expression.

" now dear servants! Destroy her!" he said with a loud voice while pointing at me. He took a few steps back. All the villagers stand up and started to come towards me. Jane raise her head and stand up. Immediately , she started choking me. I couldn't breathe. Tears started streaming down her cheek. I could hear a faint voice saying " i'm sorry Fel. Trust me, i don't want to do this. You were always my most precious friend. Forgive me Fel. Save me Fel." it was Jane's voice! My tear start to stream down my cheek as well, hearing what she said. Dominique's voice suddenly echoed in my head 'the only way to free their soul is to kill them.' i'm sorry Jane. I closed my eyes and focused. Feeling the presence of water around me, i slowly formed a sword with the gift that i was given since i was a young. I then stabbed Jane with the sword.

I felt like the time had stop. The villagers stop walking. Dominique was shock from what he seen. From her expression, it must of hurt a lot. Our tears was flowing non- stop. I remember her last words for me. "be strong. I will always love you like a sister i never had. Thanks." she smiled and tried to reach my face, but she died before it even reaches my face. He can't be forgiven. I looked at Dominique. " i guess it was written that you shall die today." i can't loose control. I gotta stay awake. " you were one of the gifted all this while? You never told me that before!" i was in position to attack him. When i was ready, i ran towards him. I was always a fast runner so it didn't take long to reach him. When he was close enough, i started to attack him but he defended his-self with is powers.

The war between Dominique and me started. He never fought back. It was too quick to decide that i will win this war because he seem to be holding back. "what's the matter Dominique? Stop holding back and fight me like a man!" after i said that he pushed me with his powers. I was thrown back. " we shall continue this fight later. You are too powerful for me. Goodbye my dear Fel. Servants! Attack!" he then vanished into thin air. "wait!" but i was too late to stop him. The villagers are coming at me. I could hear them. They wanted me to save them but that means i would have to kill them. They keep repeating it. "save me! Save me!" how can i kill them all? Tears that stop while i was fighting came back flowing over my cheek. I looked around me. It was hurtful to see them like that. Lifeless. I guessed there were one thing that i had to do.

I charged at the villagers. One by one, i stabbed them. Dr. Barns, Angus, Luke even Rickkie. As i passthrough them more blood fell to the ground. I could hear them thank me. I couldn't stop the tears anymore. Babies and children i had to kill them. The smell of iron from blood filled the air. I killed everyone. I stopped when the last two remaining person stand before me. It was my parents. I felt my feet glued to the ground. The sword i held turns back to water. I fell on my knees. I can't. I couldn't. Not them. Not my own parents. My breathings was unstable. My eyes blurred due to my tears. Memories of them flashes before my eyes. I could hear them. They were asking for help. Mum and dad came closer and closer. When they are right in front of me, they started to choke me. I can't breathe. Someone, help me.

I had to make a choice. I looked my my parents face. Their faces were damp due to the tears. "help us,Fel. Help us." dominique voice once again filled my head. The only way to free their soul is to kill them. If i don't kill them, their soul will never be free. Dominique may control them once again. I can't let my parents do his dirty work. I looked into their eyes. I weep like a little girl. Slowly, the sword formed in both my hand. "help us" i heard them say it again. I cry out as loud as i can as i stabbed them. as they fall, i catch them. Couldn't bear to hurt them anymore. I hugged them and i cried and cried. "Felicia, my dear girl, mummy and daddy always love you." i heard my mum say. "be a strong girl like i know you are. Remember what i had teach you my dear darling." my father said. Those are the words that my parents left me before they die.

I sat there, not able to cry anymore. I was still hugging my parents corps. I gently put them down on the ground. I looked around me. Everybody is dead now. I used my powers to clean all the blood from my body and the ground. That day, about a hundred grave was made. The river was crimson in color due to the blood that fell on earth. I visited every grave that day. Putting daisies and sunflowers on their graves. I've put my parents's grave and Jane's grave next to each other. I lay beside Jane's grave and looked at the sky. It was a cloudy day today. I could feel the gentle wind passing by my body. I knew it's going to rain soon. I could feel the air humidity change. I fell asleep next to Jane's grave.

I felt water droplets fell on my face. The rain woke me up from my slumber. I sat up straight and looked at my left hand. There was a lock that is shaped like a heart on the back of my hand. A pink lock with a gold outline. Around it, there were silver chains. The chains wrapped till it reaches my shoulder. The rain is starting to get heavier. Ignoring the rain falling upon me, i counted the chains. Approximately 158 chains were bound to me that day. I stand up and walked back home. When i was far from the graves, i took one last look at them. Goodbye mum, dad, Jane and everyone else. I shall carry no regrets. I will move on and become stronger. So that i could protect the precious people that i will meet in the future. I will also remove that person from the face of the earth.

Felicia Leve
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