It happened suddenly. Ganondorf, the warlock Gerudu King, betrayed Hyrules King and kidnapped the princess. Hyrule was thrown into chaos. We all tried our best, but the castle and it's surrounding town were taken. We sought sanctuary in Kakariko village, all the while planning how to retake Hyrule and rescue the princess Zelda. Link was distraught by her abscence. Maybe this was why he slipped up, or maybe it was never meant to be.

For Ganondorfs rule brought more than misery and murder. It also brought darkness. Not Heartless, those hadn't been created yet. But darkness, primal and yearning, reached for Hyrule, trying to swallow it up as we all obvliviously fought in our war.

We all knew Link was the only one that had a chance to defeat Ganondorf. We concoted a desperate plan. Myself and other knights and mages would storm the castle, all to safegaurd Link and ensure he would make it inside. It felt like a suicide mission, but no one called it that. We just did it.

When the day of our desperate ploy arrived, the signs of darkness were finally evident. Messages sent to and from further reaches of Hyrule weren't returning, and neither were the messengers. We couldn't worry about it then as dark clouds swirled above us. We had a duty to fulfil.

Fighting Ganondorfs monsters, I was one of the few that made it inside the castle, and the only one that reached the highest tower where Ganondorf waited with the trapped Princess Zelda. I didn't see much of the legendary fight as I was tasked to try and free the princess. Wondering know, I'm still not sure what was so different. What it was that led to me hearing the clanging of the Master Sword and the dull thud of Links body on the stone floor.

Even before I fled in a panic, retrieving Link and teleporting outside with Farores Wind, I knew it was over. But I wouldn't accept it. I saw a massive wall of darkness descend across Hyrule, silently destroying everything in it's path. But it wasn't too late, it couldn't be. This wasn't how it was supposed to end. Maybe there was something I could do, anything. I gathered up the fallen heroes tools and looked up into the rapidly fading sky. Somewhere there had to be hope.

In a miracle or sensing my desire as I unkowlingly gazed at different worlds, Farores Wind activated on its own. There was hope out there. Not for Hyule or Link, but at my new home, there was hope for me.