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a mage's rite
the story of a young and upcoming mage given a strange power
ten years pass, and me and my sister progress on par with her prophecy, but there is no hint of the greatness the woman foretold in me. then one normal day, me and my sister are having a battle of the minds, which went something like this:
luna:"why not, its a perfectly legitimate reason."
me:"no luna, 'because its cool' is not a good reason to try that advanced of a spell."
luna:"why not? you cant say your not the least bit curious of how it works."
me:"its not that I'm not curious, its just, it breaks all the rules, and we're only 14, i don't think we've progressed enough."
luna:"oh i see, your just scared."
me:"that's not... wait, did you hear that?"
luna:"dont try to change the subject, chuck... chuck? hellooo?"

at this point i got up and walked through the door, following the sound i had just so clearly heard, but couldn't possibly describe. just as I'm losing the sound to background noise, i see a light from the dorm-room door. i open the door that leads to the boys dormitory in our school, and right in the center is a figure i swear I've seen before, but cant say from where. the figure looks directly at me and her staff stops glowing, and she says to me just two words. "its time."
suddenly i lose sight of the room and the figure, and am enveloped in total darkness.
i can feel myself moving at alarming speeds, but the lack of anything visible other than myself throws off my frame of reference, i could be moving any direction.
as suddenly as it apeared, the darkness vanished. i was left standing on the top of a hill overlooking a field, so expansive i cannot see the edge. i look around and notice the tree standing alone on the other side of the hill, seemingly waiting for something. as i walk over to it, my eyes are drawn to a blemish on the tree's flawless golden bark. its a dagger, pitch black and wicked looking, the kind of tool used in dark magic rituals. it seems wrong there, yet the weapon doesnt feel at all evil or corrupted. it just seems out of place, so i do the only logical thing. i grasp the hilt of the dagger and pull it gently out, without damaging the tree any further.as soon as the tip of the blade comes free, words without sound ring in my head. "and so it begins."
"what? what has begun?" i ask, but no one responds, and then the field and the tree melt away to reveal the dorm room again. luna stands at the door, trying to get my attention.
"hey! do you hear me? what do you think your doing standing there, not moving a mussel? you started to worry... whats wrong?" she finishes, noting the strange expression on my face.
"i turn around to face her, arms resting at my sides, my fist clenched around the black hilt of the dagger. then my head explodes in pain and i pass out. the last thing i see is my sister rushing forward to catch me, her face white as a ghost...

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