we all tell ourselves and those around us lies to sooth our souls eternal cries.
truth breaks us, soul, heart, mind. it tears us into writhing bits of pain and fear. we cower behind a thin veil of imagined self.
I observe the world, I can see, hear, even feel. but I am not part of it. I walk along the fringes feeling more along than ever. the more I interact and let myself grow to know people the more I feel desperately and utterly alone in this vast world. trapped inside myself, locked in a desolate world that consists of only me. lost, abandoned.
this is not to say I don't know people, I see them, but they do not see me. I'm a screaming voice that is unheard. some see my shadow and maybe I stay for a while. but that soon fades and I must move on. the feeling of belonging is not one I am aware of. I'm a missing puzzle piece of a puzzle that has long been thrown out.