Sanguinary blood stories

Chapter 2 = Trial though the blood

The desolate plains of the wasteland had nothing but scorches around on of the last cities that was just burned down. A guy in a grey cloak and hood walked up to the body that laid in the wreckage and sighed some. "Hey you wretch, get up." He said as he kicked the body waiting a bit as the body turned to show Kynneth that was from earlier. He opened his eyes and began getting up slowly. He looked around as he stood up as the guy in the grey cloak and hood just stood there looking at him. "What the hell happened?" Kynneth asked him as he stood there and the man in grey cloak stood there for a second before yawning. "Well, you did cause I huge ass explosion that anyone could see for miles, and that means either evil or good wants to get a hold of that power you have." The man said before he just shrugged some and turned around beginning to walk away. "My advice, trust only people you can see there forms." He said as he walked out into the distance as Kynneth just sighed some stretching out some as he looked around not seeing anyone else. As he went about his house grabbing anything usable left from what had happened he just sighed before hearing fast foot steps and sword being drawn and slashed towards him and he turned and dodged as fast as he could. He moved away as the main stood before him wearing black clothes with a white coat with the sleeves cut off showing the black shirt sleeves instead as he had his sword in hand and the guy waited. "Draw your weapon, if you have one." The guy said and waited for him before he rushed at him after a couple seconds. Kynneth dodged again. "What the hell is going on, and why are you doing this?" The guy stood there for a second holding his sword pointing to Kynneth. "Hmm, either you are new to this game or are just playing dumb." He said as he stood there on hand on his blade before holding up one hand aimed at the guy with a white ball with a red outline forming around infront of his open palm before shooting towards Kynneth. Kynneth dodged and began to focus his power on his hand just like the guy was doing the same thing but it was a golden orb with black outline around it and shot towards the guy buy the guy just used his sword to deflect it. "So you are just new. Well, let me just explaining everything then." He said as he began to pull some wood together and make a fire... TBC