• Insanity is contagious; Fortunately, there's no cure •

Preferred name: Aislin to most, Lin to those close to her, Rosier to everyone else!

Age: 19

Birth Day: March 21, Year pending on RP

Lineage/Parentage/Known Relatives (living or deceased): Aislin is the Child of the deceased Even Rosier and Renate LeStrange (Died in child Birth). This makes her third Cousins with Rabastan and Rodolphus (and Bellatrix through marriage) on her Mothers side of the family. She is the second cousin of Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa through her father. Her Maternal Grandparents are very old and their health is fast deteriorating.

Wand: 12" Alder, Dragon Heartstring Core; Unyielding.

Hogwards House: Slytherin,

Patronus: None

History: Aislin is the Child of the deceased Even Rosier and Renate LeStrange (died in child birth) and was orphaned after her father was killed and sent to live with her LeStrange Grandparents. Her grandparents forbid talk of her parents, seeing her father's demise as shaming the family.

They despised her for her parantage, fearing she'd visit the same "shame" upon the family name their more infamous relations had; including her father. This great dislike of poor Aislin coupled with her Grandparents authoritarian parenting was the cause of many brutal beatings from her Grandparents.

The beatings often resulted in Healers being called in, sometimes working for days to save life and limb. As she grew older, she started to fight back, not one to take a beating laying down. The beatings abrubtly stopped when she started learning the Dark Arts, with her quick mastery of the Cruciatus Curse and creative use for fire, explosions, and the Diffindo charm.

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she was sorted into Syltherin and was an above average student in most of her classes. She played in a Beater possition on her house team, the only female on Slytherins team in nearly 15 years. She became close with her head of house, Severus Snape, as he would always tell her stories about her parents.

Personality: She's inheirited her father's quick and fierce temper, with her own over bearing Sadisim. Despite this, she tries her best to be cold and aloof, with a sharp tounge for those fortunate enough to avoid her rage. She was kicked off the Quidditch team in the middle of her 7th year for almost beating a teammate to death with her bat for not being able to handle a broom to her liking.

She can be very charming and amusing, down right amicable, when there's need of it, though. She like's the idea of her being a very suave person, though that's rarely the case, with her temper. She's also very witty and clever when there's an obsticle between her and her goal.

General Dark Arts
Favorite Spells:
Fiend Fyre (not used often)
Killing curse

General skills:
Wandless Magic
Slight Occlumency

She tends to do whatever Barty Jr. and Snape tell her to do, so long as it doesn't conflict with the Dark Lord's orders or wishes.
She's easily riled and easy to anger usually causing her to become tunnel visioned and easy to defeat.

Other Things Noteworthy:

Physical Appearance: She's very particular about her appearance and has immaculate personal hygene. She usually goes in for a Steam Punk look (More of the "male" fashion of the fad, with black slacks, collared shirts, and Frock coats) and heavily lined eyes.

She wears a heavy pair of brass Goggles she from her time on the Quidditch team which she turned into a fashion accessory that she's never seen without. She greatly resembles her father; pale, Auburn hair,and heavily lidded, blue eyes. She usually keeps her hair short, but has been know to magically grow it long for short periods of time.

Unlike her Father, though, she is a very petite young woman, standing at only 5' 2" and very delicately build.
She often has an insane glint in her eyes when she's excited or angry.

Employment History: At the Opening of the Rp she is an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries. She is the youngest Unspeakable in the history of the Department of Mysteries having completed training early and was hired to the department shortly before her 19th birthday.

She was later fired as an Unspeakable after The Battle of the Department of Mysteries happened, as she came under suspicion due to her father being a deceased Death Eater.

She became a Marked Death Eater (she was in fact leaking info to Lucius Malfoy for a whole year prior to the battle) herself shortly after her dismissal. She later became the head of her own Snatcher group.