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Character Name:

Alyss Moore

Full Name:

Alyss Fallon Moore

Nick Names:







October 9th


Alyss is a rather unique person in her style; at least in the Wizarding World. She prefers a Steam-punk style of dress, where she will often prefer pants over a dress. She feels that the bustle skirts are just a tad to eccentric and more of a formal way of dressing. She is often seen wearing goggles, chains, belts, and corsets and usually a frock coat, if it's chilly. She is known for creating her own robes when she needs to dress more "traditionally" so she may incorporate her preferred style of dress into the robes.

She refuses to take out her nose stud for any reason and the same goes for the piercing lining the outer part of her ear, 3 studs on the lobe and 3 half hoops on her cartilage.

She is a tall and gracefully slender woman with a rather nice figure. Her hair is naturally a black so deep it appears almost blue in the right light causing her icy blue eyes and placid skin to stand starkly against it's darkness. Her hair slides down in a silky cascade of well groomed, thick curls, that hang to her mid thigh, which never seems to tangle. She does occasionally streak color through it, just for a change of pace. Her lips are usually a deep wine colored bow upon her heart-shaped face.


Charms Professor, Head of Ravenclaw

Blood Status:


House Affiliation:


Favorite Subject:

Charms, Muggle Studies, and Defense Against the Dark Arts


Aylss' was born to Kathleen Tuttle, a pureblood witch from Kent, and Ian Moore, a Dublin native and muggle, in Dublin on Oct. 9th, 2003. She grew up to be a happy child and she grew up loving her father's job of being a mechanic and appliance repair engineer. She learned a lot of her father's trade and was experimenting with adding Muggle mechanics and engineering to spells by the time she was fourteen.

Her mother was always more stern with Alyss than her father would ever think to be. That's not to say that her mother was mean to her or abused her, merely more concerned with how the family was viewed by the public and weather her daughter acted like a "proper Lady". Alyss never liked it, but saw the necessity of playing to a person's likes if it got her something. Alyss could always find a way of twisting someone to her will.

Once Alyss turned 11, she received her letter from Hogwarts, obviously, and her mother started twittering on about her own Hogwarts experience, surprising Alyss, as her mother was never one to confide such things to her daughter. It was not that Alyss was unaware that her mother was a witch, or that Alyss herself was one, no, Alyss had displayed magical abilities since around two and her mother told her about the existence of the wizarding world and Hogwarts: Her mother merely didn't talk much about it because she loved her husband (who knew his wife was a witch) and didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable or left out.

Alyss' years at Hogwarts was never something spectacular as she felt very distant from her father and her beloved Tech, none of which functioned properly on school grounds. She Remembers still the wrench set she had taken with her every year to school and the skeptical looks on her house mates faces when they chanced a glance at them.

Alyss, despite being so in love with muggle tech, was all Slytherin (it was a new age for the house, besides) and she still worked on her hybrid muggle/magic projects while at school, even sucking in the few house mates she had as friends (mostly boys) to work on them with her.

Her want to create a machines that ran from both magic and mechanics and muggle technology encouraged her in her studying. She was well beyond her year in charms by the time she was a fourth year, as well as Muggle Studies (which she co-taught in her 7th year), Ancient Runes, History of Magic, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Despite her excelling in these areas of study, she was always terrible with Transfiguration, only decent at potions, and average in everything else.

After Graduating, Alyss spent 4 years in an American Academy of Magic Teaching Muggle Studies and continued research and development on getting her ideas to become a reality. She proudly displayed her wrench set and her half done projects in her muggle studies class, giving the class room a much cluttered feeling (she was never one for cleaning) with metal bits and books staked all willy-nilly about the class room.

She packed her bags in haste, however, when her father became ill. She applied for several positions at Hogwarts out of desperation to be within calling distance of her quickly ailing Father. She was offered the Charms position and after two years of being on staff at Hogwarts, was offered the position of Head of Ravenclaw, which she gladly took.

While not playing favorites, she expects her Ravens to uphold the illustrious reputation of the House of Ravenclaw. This will be her first year as House Head.


Alyss has always leaned more towards a bubbly personality; (usually) always smiling and joking with others. Unfortunately, she has a rather mean sense of humor, so she's prone to making fun of others without realizing it. She never really means harm by the things she says, unless it's to get something she wants.

Don't let her smile fool you though - underneath that smile is a razor sharp tongue for any who truly annoy or anger her. She's driven by pure ambition (She was nearly a hat-stall as the sorting hat couldn't decide Ravenclaw or Slytherin) and though she is a bit of an airhead, she's more than capable of getting anything she sets her heart on.


"When you believe that something is impossible, it is only that belief itself which has created the impossibility."

Muggle Tech


Bettering people
Innovations (muggle and wizarding alike)




People with no ambition or imagination.

Worst Fears:

Her muggle father once made her watch a documentary on Hiroshima and Nuclear Weapons. She's been terrified of a Nuclear Apocalypse ever since.


A Broken Time Turner
Various Mechanical Junk
Chinchilla (named Chupa)
Books - lots and lots of Books! (on a wide variety of subjects)


Length - 14 3/4 in
Wood - Hazel
Core - Dragon Heartstrings
Flexibility - Reasonably Supple


She is not an Animagus, though she has given thought to becoming one. She fancies she'd be a Scopes Owl. She loves Scopes owls, but she fears some bloke would try to tie a note around her leg.


Alyss' Patronus is a Dragon, a Hungarian Horntail, to be precise. It is much smaller than a real life Horntail, however, as the patronus, when conjured is only about the size of a man.

Other Forgotten Information:

•Alyss is fluent in Classical Latin

•She speaks with an slight Irish accent (Dublin accent)

•She loves trying to get muggle technology to work in conjunction with magic, rather than just simply bewitching muggle artifacts

•She has a rather sound understanding of muggle science.

•She plays Cello as one of her hobbies. While at a professional level with the Cello, she has basic knowledge of other instruments.