I'll begin with the usual insult thrown to me, indirectly as well as directly:
"I suppose if you're a basement dweller with no social life and no bills to pay..." (add whatever comes next)

If I were not in this living condition, what would you do? Would you suddenly thank me, shake my hand, etc.? No, you wouldn't, because you're impossible to please either way.

It's funny, the time I attempt some form of social life, sign up for even the likes of OKCupid, it's still not good enough. I had a job, and guess what? It still wasn't good enough. I put in 30+ applications before that and a few after that, but that still wasn't enough for PERFECT ******** AMERICA.

I ask myself, why? Why did I ever bother to 'give back' to a society that's never thankful for my 'contribution' in the first place? In fact, why 'give back' to anyone? Tell me, what have I been 'given'? I have been 'given' a headache and 'given' emotional stress beyond my own comprehension at times.

I looked around, or I should say, I lurked around, looking for answers. Numerous things popped up. I looked at these people and thought to myself, "How? How is it that these people, including some girl on the Jerry Springer show "Baggage" could go up on stage, open a case that states, "I will never work.", and be the one that the guy picks?" Not only that, but half the audience cheered when she said, "I deserve to be treated like a princess." (white girl and black guy, looked like an earlier episode, just to be a bit more clear)

... I nearly froze in place after that. I've had to put up with s**t and more s**t, day after day of this wretched existence, and people ******** cheered her decision, and I was actually one bothering to look for one of this country's slave positions, not to mention one of the earlier 2 'baggage' cases she opened mention she still had a Sugar Daddy on the side.

The History Channel's special on 'The Sloth' was another thing that put me over the edge into a near frenzy. The level of stupidity in it; tying the creation of energy drinks like Monster to a ******** religious affirmation from almost the dawn of religion itself was too much for this ******** up individual's viewpoint.

Before I had seen these shows, I had put my name on one of those employment agencies' list. Before this process, we were evicted, but during this process, I was asked to give an address, but the P.O. Box my mother bothered to pay for us wasn't good enough for this failed country's law system. So, I lied and put my uncle's address on it, like my mother suggested.

After that, I was at the one computer and was joking around and said something like, "I'd rather be dead.", when the (occupation name?) lady asked what I'd rather do, because I seemed uninterested in the process. It then proceeded to being sent to some counselor in the building, being asked by one of them, "Did you say that to manipulate the situation?", which led to a note suggesting I sign up for SSI. I never did go to that, but that's only because my mother has something against doing that, I have no idea what I'm doing otherwise, and I refuse to cash a check.

All of this eventually led up to signing up for a dating site. Why? Because I found some confidence in the whole, nearly-homeless, avoiding security guards in a high-rise situation.

That profile has led me, worded almost exactly as is, to numerous people being nice to me for the first time in my ******** life, the first person to make out with me (which left without a word, oh well) and one that I'm hoping is as serious as the first time we met a few weeks ago.

Because of this, and the insipid behavior of the childish, darest the gay one say it, 'faggots' and 'closet-cased' bastards roaming this site and my real life, my position stands until the day I die. You want to call me a 'leech' on society that has no job? Just remember that calling a person with no job a leech on society makes every housewife of yesteryear and the modern age nothing but a leech, because a housewife (or househusband) is not the job, nor can it be considered an actual job, that you want them to have. Isn't that right? It's sad how women were 'forced' into the stay-at-home 'leech' of society in the old days that never actually had to deal with America's easily corruptible 'job market' in the first place.

Of course, this brings me to the main ideology of this post; the sociopaths. Is this myself? Sure. Is this the person who blatantly attacks people under non-circumstantial reasons? Yes. Who is that? The people who consistently, and without any other sort of reasoning other than being pissed off that I'm not complaining about my job as much as they are and are whining like insipid jackasses on the internet, bash me under the small detail that I'm not working and then disregard everything I say just because I'm a 'basement dwelling neckbeard' etc.

It's funny when s**t-bags have a viewpoint, and when there are people who disregard their viewpoints, they're nothing but 'basement dwelling retards'. Could you imagine if a basement dweller actually sided with them? My god, why don't we divide by zero while we're at it? That's just impossible to have anyone who lives with their parents agree with you, and hey, guess what? I wasn't even in your conversation, and I agreed with what you said, but then you ended with the classic, "You're just a basement dwelling ********."

How many have done this? Countless, and they don't even give me a chance to take their side politically or otherwise. So, ******** 'em and most of their ideals. I still manage to read what you say; you provide some sort of substantial evidence for what you claim, but otherwise, ******** off.