Okay, so, this goes out to a specific girl who claims that all girls always want attention from guys because it makes them feel special and boosts their self-esteem. First of all, I highly disagree with that. I could care less if a guy pays attention to me or not. If I like a guy and he says I'm pretty or whatever, I say thanks (take a compliment, ladies. don't argue) and leave it at that. If a guy says I'm ugly, I'd probably say something like "Well you're not all that good looking yourself." or whatever. but, like, c'mon. Girls do not need a guy's opinion to feel special. F*** that. There are girls out there who can paint, sing, design, build, create. Use your talents to make you feel special, ladies. We don't need men. Now if you're lesbian, you're probably way ahead of me(x

Kat =^.^=