Leave this Journal to the negatives.

Nanashi...if you look it up, it'll mean nameless. I couldn't think of anything for my precious journal so I called it Nanashi.

A fitting name...for both my Journal and I.

Might as well...I don't often use my real name. The ones who do know it are family and a few close friends. Even then...they don't bother to spell it right. So what's in a name? A name is what you are. It identifies you and helps make you unique. But what if no one ever bothers to remember? Things I love, things I hate, things that at the root of it equals me just as easily as E=mc2.

But despite the fact that i've always been a certain way. Had a particular quirk. No one remembers. They forget. And say "I didn't know" but how could you not? Its always been so. Never changed. Never will. So how can you not know?

But whatever. Not my fault that their memory sucks...not my fault that they don't even have the dignity of remembering something so simple.

So I won't give in to the temptation of feeling worthless. They can kiss my ass >_>