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Stories and books
Storyes and books I'm either starting or have finished.
AoT part 3
(20+ views for part 4)

Steven woke up the ext morning to a bang at the door. Rachel seemed to still be asleep. He stood up looking down to see that he must have taken his shirt off last night. He grabed a clean plain white tee and covered up the mark on his lower ab. Steven walked to the door opening it to see two men about his size, one with browen hair and browen eyes, the other with blackish hair and blue eyes. Both in uniform for something, all he could see was a logo that just had a "J" all fancy like on the collar. "Hello sir may I ask how old you are?" The browen haired man asked. "Why? What is it you need?" Ateven asked raising an eyebrow at them. "We are scouting talent for our school. And we need to know your age." "17, but I'm not looking for a school. I'm fine in my school." And with that he bluntly closed the door on them not even hearing the name of their school. "That brings up that point, what am I going to do about Rachel? No one at school will know who she is. Considering the whole news thing for her was called off, and only about a 3rd of this country seen it, most people wont care. So I guess she can join our school. That way she'll be close enough for if something happens I wont have to look very far. Maybe I can even get her a job with me down at the club. Waitress sounds good, I dought my boss will really care, he kinda just hands out the checks now, he'll most likly give her the job. And I guess she can live with me until everything is sorted out. Well atlest I still got another 3 days until school is open again...." Steven mummbled off to himself as Rachel stepped out yawning from his room, she was in her plain blue pantys and one of Steven's shirts that was way to big one her. Steven turned and looked at her blushing softly. "I don't have any cloths so I just grabed one of your shirts if you don't mind." "Oh no worrys. We'll go shopping for some cloths later today I guess. I'll just tell my group that I have to miss practice today." Steven sighed knowing Greg would be ticked at him for missing another practice. Steven then walked to the bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower, after I'm done you can go next. While you take your shower I'll grab some cloths you can wear out to the mall." Rachel nodded to tghis and sat down on the couch looking around. "Oh and you can watch the tv or use the computer when ever you want." Steven said stepping into the bathroom closeing the door behind him and undressed. He turned the water on and stepped in.

After Steven got out and Rachel got in, Steven got dressed in a pair of lose baggy jeans a white tee. He grabbed another tee and a pair of white shorts for Rachel. He had a pair of flip flops she could use. "Atlest its pretty warm out today. She'll look normal." Steven walked to the computer and checked their youtube page to see if Greg had already put up their jumpstyle video. "Well I'm doing better now. Best in our group, but not as good as patrick Jumpin yet. Soon though." He put on a pair of socks when Rachel stepped out, he hair wet and hanging down to her waist. A towel covering her self up. "I put the cloths in my room. I guess you can wear my boxers until we get you some.... you know, underwear, and... Bras or whatever." He blushed not used to talking about that stuff. "Ok." She said steping into the bedroom and getting dressed. "I'm read." She said. Steven nodded and opened the door for her and they walked out. she had he hair up in a poney tail and even then her hair hung down to the tip of the shorts. They walked to the mall and into the womens clothing store. Steven stayed out and let Rachel go in with out him and come get him when she got the cloths so he could pay. A few minutes passed before she came got him. She had lots of cloths. 95% of them related to blue. "Geez you really like blue." Rachel blushed smiled. There were loads of skirts, pants, tee shirts, tank tops, short shorts, and many many more. It all rounded to 350$ and it ended up putting Steven down to 100$ in which he spent on her underwear and bras. Which all of it related to blue of course. when all was said and done, Steven had 30$ left. They walked to a nice resturant. They sat down, Steven put all the bags next to him leaving no room for anyone to walk that way. The ordered pop, Rachel had a salad and Steven had a hot dog since he didn't have enough for a full meal. "Are you sure your full?" He asked her. Rachel had been quite until now. "Yeah... Thanks.... Your a great help." "Well its all fine and dandy, but I've decided that you are getting a job and your going to school with me so that your close to me at all times. Just in case those guys come looking for you again. Does that sound good to you?" Rachel light up with joy "Oh that sounds great! I always wanted to go to school with people, this is a chance to make friends, like you." Rachel smiled at him and Steven gave a shy smile back. "So we got a few days until then though so might as well get you informed about my group of friends." Steven then went into explaining the group to her. When he was done they had already gotten home and Rachel was intrested about jumpstyle. "Ok so well I guess my friends are your friends." Steven said. Rachel smiled and giggled happyly. "Yay!" Seven smiled and yawned. He looked at the clock. "Wow, we spent alot of time at the mall today.... Its already 10:30...." "Yeah I'm tired too...." She yawned her self. "Ok well you can take my bed." She nodded and walked into his room and layed down not even bothing to get dressed into pjs. Steven layed down on the couch after putting the bags of cloths into the room with her and had fallen asleep by 10:45.

Part 3- end.

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