User ImageI am what they call a {Naga/Dragon}. I've been on this planet for {563} years. I am known as {Yu/Leo} but in reality I'm {Yugi Leonfore}.

I'm a {Seke}. And I prefer men like {Strong and isn't afraid to take on my flirty moods. Has a strong sense of loyalty when having the charge of care for others. Honorable and sometimes a little old-fashioned.}. My personality is {Where would I even start. You'll hardly ever see me without a smile on my face. I am very flirty and not afraid to tell you whether I like you or not. I have strong moods where I like to dominate on everything, but I can take some hits. I don't roll over easy.}.

I don't think I'm special, but here's a bit about me. {I used to be the Guardian to a Chinese House. The Unu family, a family of demi-gods. I grew up with their two sons and one daughter and I care for all of them greatly. Though, they do not need my protection anymore, I will still check in on them from time to time.

From the day I was born I had a strong attraction to the same sex. Where I come from, it isn't a problem, so I grew up freely hitting on the boys.

You could say I have a strong sense of loyalty to the Unu house and you will often find me hiding and singing the family song. I can't say I make friends easy though. It takes a lot for me to trust someone. You'll find me often going on the defensive. You know when I'm angry because my human visage will start to go away and my eyes will seem like the deepest darkest depths of the ocean. I am a water Guardian after all.}

I prefer {To hang around people I can trust. Show them my skill with a Guitar, which I hide away in my room. Openly flirting with those I know will like it. And as Ukeish as this may sound, I like to cuddle every now and then.}.

I dislike {Rude and very mean people. People who don't seem to notice my advances. If you don't want them, tell me, don't ignore me. Overly small people. I feel as though if you are a certain race, you have certain standards of size to live up to.}.

If you choose to accept me, I shall be forever grateful.