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The Demented Mooing of an Unbalanced Bovine.
Or in other words....Meushi's Journal. :D I'll add more later, this is just my stuff of crap and if people read this...holy crap!
NPC Writing contest Entry! WOOOO!
This is it! My entry for the contest! I'm sorry if it's long but it was very fun to write this with these characters! LET'S DO THIS!!

Have Door, Will Travel.

The day had started out like any other. A large batch of beautiful rainbow colored roses had been delivered that morning and she was deciding if she should place them near some tea and sandwiches she had for sell, or make them INTO tea and sandwiches for sell. But before she could make up her mind a large ship had scooped down from the clouds above her shop and hovered near the ground. Rina blinked up at the ship as a long rope ladder unrolled itself as it reached all the way down to the ground. A moment later a long dark haired girl leaned over the side of the ship and waved at Rina.
Rina giggled and waved cheerfully back.
“HI Kaykay!! What are you doing here?”
“Lunch break! Or as Brennivin likes to say, the breach of eating at midday!”
“Wow…sounds like Mr Brennivin’s English must be getting better!”
The long dark haired girl, Kaykay to Rina, but Kanoko to the rest of Gaia, was already on her way down the ladder.
“It is actually. He’s spending a lot more time with Mr. Edmund.”
Kanoko said as she hopped past the last two steps on the ladder. She gave a dreamy sigh and then looked at her skirt. Giving another, much less dreamy but more annoyed sigh as she brushed pieces of ladder rope off her skirt.
“I wish he just let us use the door instead of this piece of junk. It’s partiality falling apart and it gets all over anything!”
“Well maybe if you didn’t use ALL of your weight, it wouldn’t be breaking….”
Kanoko’s hair practically rose off her head as a very dark look came to her face. She turned and glared evil ice daggers at the floating bunny creature next to her head. It gave her a toothy wick grin.
“Don’t you dare sa…”
She started.
“Cause you know...you’re fat.”
“I will KILL you.”
The girl growled. Radio Jack completely ignored Kanoko as he turned to fly over to Rina.
“Hey girly…what’s on the menu today?”
He eyed the tray of tea sandwiches Rina had just placed into her front counter. Rina had to admit that while Radio Jack was super cute to look at, he was one of the most RUDEST things she had ever meet.
“Are you planning to pay…this time?”
Rina gave an angry pout at the flying bunny thing, who only replied back with a grin and a wink.
“Much paying with the gold I will!”
Rina turned in surprise to look at the new voice that had joined their group. Brennivin was standing next to Kanoko, who looked just as surprise to see him. The strange magic man gave her a large happy grin.
“The ecstatic comrade mate of the Kanoko will be cats and dogs with Gold!”
Brennivin cheerfully replied. Rina smiled and blinked.
“He said he’s going to pay.”
Radio Jack sounded annoyed with his simple answer. Rina blinked in confusion for a moment. ‘How does he get that from…oh I guess it doesn’t matter. If Mr Brennivin is going to pay then everything will be fine.’
From there the three ordered a large amount of food. Oddly enough Brennivin never ate much, but Rina wasn’t at all surprised to see Radio Jack and Kanoko chow hounding everything down. Rina always wondered how Kanoko could eat so much but never seem to gain the weight, or at least too much of it. Of course she would never ask her friend this. However Radio Jack seemed to be reading her mind and asked instead.
“Hey Porksalot! Aren’t you afraid you’re gonna add MORE weight to your fast growing rumpus?”
Kanoko slowly turned to look at Radio Jack as a mood most fowl began to appear on her face.
“What was that Easter Bunny reject?”
“Oh I was just noticing how easy it is for you to get so fat!”
The bunny thing laughed. Kanoko screamed and tried to stab the laughing bunny thing as he flew away just in time.
Kanoko shook her fork at Radio Jack who only stuck his tongue out at her. Brennivin laughed and clapped his hands at what he thought was merriment. Radio Jack really liked to push Kanoko’s buttons and the girl seemed to fall for it every time. And all the while Mr. Brennivin took their fighting for play and encouraged more. This only caused Rina to give a sigh at the odd trio. So involved she was in watching her strange friends and customers that she didn’t even notice the person standing beside her counter until he cleared his throat. She jumped and looked at the tall man.
“OH!...Uh…hello Mr. Stein….”
She gave him a nervous smile as he raised one brow to look her over.
“Hmmm…Hello Miss Rina.”
Rina’s smile seemed a bit to cheerful, as if she were forcing it. Rina wasn’t quite sure of how she felt about Mr. Stein. As everyone on Gaia knew he was a man made up of other men and maybe a few women as well. His skin was a patchwork of different colors and was covered in large stitches and staples. He was tall and thin but was well put together and he had the loveliest long white hair Rina had ever seen. However it wasn’t his looks that put Rina on edge. Goodness no. After all this was Gaia and from some of her other costumers she had, Mr. Stein’s appearance wasn’t strange at all. It was his behavior though that always made Rina nervous around the sewn up man. He was well mannered and was polite, but at the very same time, he was snarky and his polite words could come off as sugar covered insults. However his sharp tongue could be just as soothing when he gave a true compliment to someone. He was quiet and spoke very little, but he certainly wasn’t shy. His quiet behavior in fact caused Rina to feel as timid as a mouse around the man. Maybe it was because she surrounded herself with noisy people. She was in fact very noisy herself. So she certainly wasn’t use to someone who was quiet. She couldn’t tell what was on his mind and this seemed to bother her more than she realized. After a moment of just standing and looking at other another, Rina finally spoke up.
“Um…Is...there anything I can help you with, Mr. Stein?”
“Actually there is Miss Rina.”
Rina blinked up at the stitched together man. After another moment of neither saying anything, Rina decided to ask again.
“Sooo...uh...what was it you wanted help with?”
“I would like your body.”
At this point Kanoko and Radio Jack had stopped fighting, while Brennivin had become oddly quiet. The group looked at Rina with wide eyes. The girl herself was blushing bright red.
Stein raised a brow at Rina’s outburst.
“I don’t see what’s hard to understand. I need a willing body to test a commission I’ve ordered to see if they work properly. “
Rina could only blink at this. Radio Jack however asked the question they all were thinking.
“What the hell are you talking about Rag Doll?”
“You are a rude little thing.”
Stein sneered at the flying creature. Radio Jack only shrugged as he picked some food from his teeth.
“Yeah well you didn’t answer my question.”
“Uh, yes, Please. Mr. Stein, I’m sorry but I’m a bit confused.”
Kanoko spoke up.
“I’m not surprised.”
Both Stein and Radio Jack answered. Jack only laughed as Kanoko pouted. Stein let his hands rest behind his back as he cleared his throat in thought.
“Forgive me, I seemed to have left out an important detail. I need help with something new for my store.”
“Something new for your shop? Here in Barton?”
Stein nodded at this but said nothing more.
Rina looked at her friends nervously. Kanoko seemed to pick up on her small hint and spoke up.
“I’ll come with you Rina! I would love to see what Mr. Stein has done with his shop! I mean…if that’s alright with you Mr. Stein.”
The man seemed to think it over.
“Hmmm actually it might be wise to have more than one to make sure no mishaps happen.”
Rina and Kanoko both swallowed a large lump in their throat.
“Ooooh…this…sounds exciting….”
Rina mutter, though clearly not as excited as she tried to make herself sound.
“Go we will! Break moment is not over yet and try to impress us I want to see!”
Brennivin finally spoke up. Radio Jack gave a loud sigh.
“Well there goes my afternoon nap….”
Mr. Stein looked at the group but gave an odd small pleased smile.
A few moments ago, Rina had put a “Be Back Soon” sign on her counter while Brennivin had Radio Jack tie the ship to a nearby tree. The small group followed after the tall stitched man but the longer Rina walked behind him, the more confused she became.
“Uh...Mr. Stein…shouldn’t we be heading towards…Halloweentown? You know, instead of Aekea?”
“Why? That would take us farther away from the store.”
Rina blinked as she looked at the back of Mr. Stein. Kanoko only shrugged next to her as the group walked on. Radio Jack flew beside Kanoko’s head, pulling on her hair once in a while. Brennivin though followed in the back, Rina noticed. He was still very quiet. That certainly was odd for the talkative man. Maybe he too was confused by Mr. Stein’s words. After all his store wasn’t anywhere NEAR Aekea Speaking of which…
“Mr. Stein, your store IS in Halloweentown…”
Mr Stein stopped for a moment as if looking for something.
“Very good of you to notice, Miss Rina…”
Rina could only give a loud sigh. She had a feeling Mr. Stein was both insulting her and misleading her at the same time.
“The hyper one’s right Stitches. Why are we walking to the middle of nowhere to get to your store?”
Radio Jack spoke up. He sounded bored and slightly put off by everything. Stein turned to look at the flying creature. His only response was a raised brow. Quickly turning around once more, he looked at the nearest wall and then made an approving sound.
“Here we are…”
Kanoko looked about.
“Here we are what?”
However Rina noticed right away. There it was right in front of them. A large and very impressive looking wooden door. It had many designs craved into it; some looked like spider webs, some like pumpkins. There were stars and moons, some trees and even some flowers that Rina actually knew the names of. It was stained a lovely reddish color, with an old fashion looking doorknob and lock to it. Near the top, right in the center was a window that could not be seen through. Round in shape but lacking the numbers, it reminded Rina of a clock. It even had hands placed at what would have been Twelve O’clock.
“Oh my!”
Kanoko had finally seen the door as well. Rina was actually surprised Kanoko hadn’t noticed the door right away. While it certainly was interesting to look at, however that wasn’t the immense reason why the door was so noticeable. The large door was standing on it’s own in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t connected to any walls, or buildings or had nothing to help it stand. It was just...there! The group moved closer to the door in awe and surprise. Even Radio Jack was impressed. Stein said nothing but from the very small smirk on his face, Rina could tell he was glad and slightly proud.
“It’s so…impressive!”
Kanoko cooed. Rina nodded and slowly walked around the door. Walking to the other side of it, she noticed, while it still had the same interesting looking designs, it lacked a window and door handle.
“Oh! How odd!”
Rina couldn’t help but giggle. Reaching out, she gave it a small gentle push. Nothing happened. Giving it a harder push, nothing still happened.
“It’s so sturdy too!”
Rina walked back to the front and looked up at Stein.
“How does it stand up on it’s own though?”
She gave the man a genuine smile.
“A door frame.”
Stein simply replied, giving a small tap of his knuckle against said door frame. Rina could only giggle at his comment.
The group turned to look at the man who hadn’t spoke for some time. Brennivin walked up to the door and eyed it. Stein raised a brow as he watched his actions. Bren slowly raised a hand and with his finger tip touched the door. Quickly pulling his hand back, he spoke once more.
“Much with magic…Powerful big.”
Brennivin looked at Stein. The stitched up man nodded.
“I would certainly hope so. After the amount of gold I paid for it.”
“What do you mean Mr. Stein?”
Kanoko spoke up at this.
“You mentioned somethin’ about a commission…you meant this door?”
Radio Jack floated about the door, giving it a wary look.
“It’s no normal door is it?”
Kanoko asked.
“Welcome to the’ we already knew that club’, we’re having free donuts today, Kaka!”
Kanoko glared at the rabbit creature with only death in her eyes.
“What did you CALL me?”
“Just a pet name for you…KAKA!!”
Brennivin eyed the door while the two began to fight and yell at the other.
“This portal!”
Rina blinked.
“A portal?”
Stein smiled, or the closest he did for a smile.
“I’m surprised you could sense such a thing, Mr. Brennivin, but with your teachings of magic, I shouldn’t be.”
“If it’s a portal…where does it lead to?”
Rina questioned, ignoring Kanoko and Radio Jack, like the rest of them. Stein gave her a smirk that caused the hair on her body to stand on end.
“Where indeed…”
“Aid with portal yes?”
Brennivin asked, breaking the mood Mr. Stein had set. The sewn up man looked at the foreign magical cloth designer and gave a nod.
“Yes in fact I would very much like your insight. Are you willing to help me?”
Rina couldn’t help but giggle nervously but also with excitement.
“Oh I am Mr. Stein!!”
“Me too!”
Kanoko cheered, holding Radio Jack in a head lock. Brennivin eyed the door then looked back at Stein.
“Open it…”
Stein only smirked once more and with that turned the doorknob.
The opening of the door was rather anticlimactic. There wasn’t even a rusty creaking sound that some doors seem to have. There were no special effects that came from the door either. No lights, or swirls or pops and smoke. Just a door opening. Well, there was a rather nice little bell chime that seemed familiar to Rina but she couldn’t put her finger on it. But other than that…Nothing. However one thing did stand out that caused Rina to gasp. When the door was opened, the door opened into…nothing! Rina was expecting to see it open on the other side but the back of the door never moved. In fact, the back of the door stayed the same. Walking around quickly, Rina looked at the back and knocked on it. Still the same. She walked quickly to the front again.
“How is that…”
But Rina trailed off. She could see inside the door now and what she saw made her speechless. Walking slowly in she quickly looked back at Stein who gave her a quick wave to move her along. Slowly stepping through the door she found herself inside a building. Not just any building, a store. In fact Mr. Stein’s store.
“Oh WOW!!”
She giggled and couldn’t help herself from clapping in glee.
“This is amazing! It leads to your shop!”
“Well I would hope so…I’d fall apart from embarrassment if it went to the Jock Strap. Ugh…could you imagine the humility?”
Stein shudder in shame and slight disgust from the very thought.
“Oh Hey it’s bigger on the inside!”
Kanoko said in surprise as she joined the two in CrosStitch.
“You know I’ve never actually been in your joint before….kind of….gaudy…”
Radio Jack flew about the shop, looking at the items on different shelves and mannequins. Stein raised his brow and calmly replied.
“Don’t let the citizens of Gaia hear you say that…”
“No! Let them! I like to see a mob go after the little fart!”
Kanoko smiled with wicked glee at the thought. Radio Jack only sneered as he picked something out of his long ear and flew on to look at more items in the shop.
“You certainly are filling the shelves in! I’m glad to see you’re doing so well Mr. Stein.”
Rina smiled at the man. Brennivin was once more quiet as he walked about the shop. He stopped to look at a long coat that blinked it’s many eyes at him.
“What’d you say boss?”
Radio Jack asked Bren as he flew by.
“Er…uh…Much with the show tune and razzle dazzle are these outfits.”
Brennivin said with a sassy looking smirk. Mr. Stein blinked at this comment and then gave a nod.
“Thank you, I’m glad to know the items in my shop stand out so well.”
The girls blinked at this.
“I don’t think that’s what Mr. Brennivin was trying to say.”
Kanoko whispered to Rina, who only nodded at this. Before anymore thought though could go into the statement, Stein spoke up.
“How do you feel?”
He turned to ask Rina and Kanoko. The two girls looked confused. Stein rolled his eyes.
“Coming through the door. Do you feel any different? Do you feel odd or any motion sickness? Nauseous perhaps or even a dizzy feel?”
Stein looked them up and down and even took Rina’s wrist to check her pulse.
“Er….uh…noooo. I feel pretty good myself!”
Kanoko smiled even to show she felt fine.
“Me too. Really Mr. Stein….I’m fine. I didn’t even feel different walking in.”
Rina smiled more warmly at the man. He raised a brow as he looked the two over and then gave pleased nod.
“Good. And you?”
He looked at Radio Jack.
“I could use a drink but yeah just peachy…”
Radio Jack floated by Stein’s head.
“Alright, now that I’ve seen the place you need more shoes. What’s your problem with shoes? I don’t wear them but sheesh a lot of you walkers do so why no shoes then?”
Stein ignored Radio Jack’s question and turned to look at Brennivin who was rubbing one of the newer melon dresses. It smelt just as lovely as it looked.
“And you? I’m curious to know if my door upset or disturbed any of your magic.”
Brenninin pouted at the man. Opening his mouth as if to say something he quickly snapped it shut. Rina and Kanoko exchanged looks with each other. It seemed that for some reason, Brennivin had something against Stein. Rina didn’t notice it at first but throughout the day, she began to pick up on the small things that Bren was doing. His quiet behavior, his odd statements, even the way he looked at the man. Rina whispered to Kanoko.
“Does Mr. Brennivin not like Mr. Stein?”
Kanoko shrugged.
“To be honest, I have no idea. I didn’t think the two knew each other that well.”
The girls went back to watching the two strange men. After a moment Brennivin gave a sigh.
“No. Door good and not nuisance with the skills of magic of this one. It no bother to those with magic. Portal good and in good health done.”
He seemed to be saying this rather reluctantly. Mr. Stein smiled.
“Excellent! This is very good to know! What do you think of the door? As I lack magic, I certainly would love to know your opinion on the door.”
Bennivin gave a huff as Stein continued to talk and ask him questions.
“I don’t think Mr. Stein realizes that Mr. Brennivin isn’t happy to be around him.”
Rina whispered once more to Kanoko.
“Probably cause he doesn’t care…”
Radio Jack appeared by Rina’s head, wearing tea cup hat. Kanoko looked at him in surprise but Rina shook her head in thought.
“No, I don’t think it’s that. I know I don’t know Mr. Stein very well, I honestly think he’s just not picking up on Bennivin’s uh…vibes.”
Rina shrugged at this. Kanoko nodded.
“You know I don’t think Brennivin hates Mr. Stein, but he certainly dislikes him though…I wonder why?”
“Green eyed monsters pop up anywhere.”
“You think he’s jealous? Of Mr. Stein?!?”
Kanoko questioned in a loud whisper. The group looked back at the two men talking. Mr. Stein seemed very animated in what he was asking of Brennivin , who seemed to be almost groaning in misery.
“Why not? I mean look at this place! Sure, Bren makes pretty looking fancy crap, but this place makes straight up crazy but fun junk! I’m wearing a tea cup!”
Rina and Kanoko giggled a little but they had to admit. Mr. Stein’s shop was very unique and different but in a fun away.
“Plus he has such odd ball but crazy things. He’s the only store I’ve seen who does a contest so that the everyday guy can create something. I’ve never seen any other stores do THAT before!”
Radio Jack pointed to a dress, or was it a tuxedo? Both? Either way, he had a point. Rina nodded.
“Mr. Stein’s store is fun. Not that Brennivin’s store isn’t. I mean it’s a flying ship! He shouldn’t be jealous of that. They sell different things after all.”
Radio Jack shrugged.
“Brennivin’s a designer and an artist. Who knows how their crazy minds work?”
With that Radio Jack went back to exploring the shop. Rina thought over what Jack had said. It certainly made sense. But if Mr. Brennivin was jealous of Mr. Stein, that stitched up man had no idea about it. Rina couldn’t help but giggle. Oh dear. Well, she hoped things would work out for the two. If they ever decided to work together, the items they would create would be out of this world!
“Hmm good. I can now declare this door open to the public.”
“To the public?”
Kanoko asked.
“Of course. As was stated earlier, Halloweentown is quite some ways from here. I want to make it easier for Gaians to come to my shop. Also it will be easier for me as well to come to Barton. Miss Rina’s pies are to die for.”
Rina blushed at the compliment.
“To die for is right…”
Radio Jack said somewhere from the back. Rina sighed at this, but couldn’t be upset. It was almost true.
“Hmm yes, well…we should get going.”
Stein said after a moment.
“Yes. After all. I have seventeen more doors to test.”
The group cried out at once. Stein raised a brow.
“Of course, I have one in all the towns and some in more popular spots on Gaia. We better be going if we plan to test them all…”
The group blinked in surprise at this.
“OH look at the time! I think lunch break is over right boss?!”
Radio jacked flew towards Brennivin.
“UH YES! Right is the Jack! Chip chop! Away we abscond!”
Both Brennivin and Radio Jack ran out the door.
“OH HEY WAIT FOR ME! Uh I mean…goodbye Mr. Stein, you know gotta go to work…uh…BYE!”
Kanoko cried out as she waved to Rina and then she too disappeared out the door. Rina’s mouth had fallen open. Mr. Stein looked at her and raised a questioning brow.
“Uhh..umm…uh..I have to go too Mr. Stein. I’m sorry I can’t help. I have uh…a cake in the oven. Can’t let it burn for too long. Um good day!”
And with that Rina hurried out the door, only to turn back and give the man of many parts a smile.
“It’s a really cool door. I’ll try to stop by more often…bye!”
Stein watched the girl leave with a calm almost bored look on his face. After a moment he gave smirk. Slowly walking to the door, he closed it and then looked up at the window on it. Reaching up, he began to move one of the clock like hands so that it now read twelve-fifteen. After a moment of pause he opened the door and looked out. Instead of Barton Town, he now saw the many stores of the Isle of Gambino. Stepping out he looked around.
“Ah, Ms. Ruby and young Peyo, could I ask for a moment of your time…”

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    I enjoyed your story! I think you captured the energy of all of the NPCs very well -- from the endless giggling of Rina to the quiet stoniness of Stein -- hats off to you for writing Gaia's favorite shopkeepers so well. ❤

    If I could make one suggestion before you submit this entry it would be for you to reread your short story carefully and correct some of the spelling and grammatical errors (grammatical: dealing with the characters' speech quotations.) For help on this you can refer to Talk It Out: How To Punctuate Dialogue In Your Prose

    I would love to see you win first prize for your writing efforts, and with a little bit of cautious editing, I think this could be accomplished! *hugs* BatChic

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    comment BatChic · Community Member · Mon Jan 30, 2017 @ 10:07pm
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