Wow! I went on 3 trips with less than a whole day in between. My first was a youth group houseboat trip. My youth group is really crappy, though. Most of the high school freshmans harass me because I am tall and bigger than most of them. stare But I found out that the guy that most of my friends think is ugly but I had a crush on likes me! We went tubing together and it was so much fun!! heart blaugh After that, my mom picked me up with my clothes already ready for my next trip: Mount Hermon Camp. It was SOOO much fun! There was lots of laughs and makings of new friends! rofl then I had half a day to get ready for my trip to Oregon. We left on Sunday with a eight hour trip. "We" as me and my extremely retarded annoying fat mom. The car ride there and back was Meh. But we went camping with my pretty cool aunt D at Harris Beach, and it was a lot of fun. We also spent the night before last night in a motel. I don't know why. My aunt rode back with us, and she is visiting us now. She is staying until I start school again. I am kind of excited for the school year, but mostly to get back to my messed up friends. I saw one of them in the store, but she didn't recognize me because my hair was so much longer and because I got a AWESOME tan! But I will miss hanging out with friends like Allison. But she already started school. gtg. wink