In my dream-

I stood in the elevator ready to go out. I left it and then I found myself back in there. My shoes were gone for some reason, but they were already in the elevator off to the side I'd be trying to put them back on but they just never seemed to fit. Then I'd get out and leave only to be back in there again. I'd stand there and have conversations with some people and they'd respond back. And when they'd leave it was like time stopped. I left again and went past the front desk.

The first girl I talked to on her way out was leaving an offering of Celery and Pocky. She said she'd seen the ghost and it was rather unfortunate what happened. I then asked if I could have some pocky, and she said it was for me anyways. That's when realized I was dead in the dream. All my stuff was in the elevator as well as random other offerings. And whenever someone rode in it, I'd come to greet them and wish them safety.

The dream let me vaguely figure out that I was leaving the apartment when I died. It was a bunch of bad dudes that I didn't see and it was too late to really do anything about.