Oversized classrooms

Budget Cuts

-bangs clipped to side with star clip
-long hair, ends are wavy
-hair is red-violet, darker
-purple cap, slightly sideways
-plaid purple jacket, long sleeves matches hat, unbuttoned except for a
-her undershirt is plain white, design of a plain black tie on it
-purple belt on waist
-red, fancy boots, stylish? Knee high
-black pants, tight
-sassy pose
-slightly tanned

Tabby was born to a rich family who owned a very large mansion. Her mother passed away from disease when she was very young, so she couldn't remember any of it. Her father had always been extremely protective over her. Since losing his wife, Tabby became the most precious thing in his life. He did everything to keep her innocent and safe. He hired maids to keep constant watch on her, he put bubblewrap in places where she may have fallen, he kept her door locked so he always knew where she was. He bought her every little thing she asked for, but considering the fact he had a business to run, he couldn't spend a lot of time with her.

Tabby enjoyed the fairytale books and stories for some time, but eventually just grew very... lonely. She would spend hours, days even, all by herself. She knew her father loved her, and maybe he was losing his mind... yet in a way, she resented him for it. She resented him for trapping her in her own world. Sometimes a bird would fly in through her window or a mouse would be discovered, and she quickly learned to make friends with these creatures. Even though the maids spoke no english and were typically very busy, she learned to make some friends with them. One night Tabby was digging through stuff under her bed. She found a journal. The one that belonged to her mother. The last entry was one of fear, it said that her father was going insane, that he was accusing her of abusing Tabby and being an unfit mother. Then the entries were blank. And the date was around the time she "died of disease".

After realizing the truth about her mother's murder, Tabby went absolutely out of her mind. She started to wreck everything in her room, trashing it. After having her breakdown Tabby reazlied that the last entry also had a key. It was the key to her bedroom window. She would be able to escape through it so long as nobody noticed she was gone. This is when she reazlied she may be able to actually be done with lonliness, that there was a world for her to discover. Some of the maids understood what was happening and would lie to her father, allowing her to leave more freely.

Tabby values friendships and tends to see the world in an idealistic way, like in the fairytale books. She has an immature and childlike view on things. She is also very ingorant due to a lack of education. Yet her dark side is revealed mostly when she is alone or when she loses a friendship; she can't stand the idea of being trapped like that again.