I was found nude in a patch of scorched grass in Hyrule Field. At least, that's what I was told. Those first few days are fuzzy. I don't know what age I'm supposed to be, but that was 8 years ago. I was somewhere in my young teens. I had basic knowledge; speech, movement, understanding of bodily functions, etc. Enough to function, but not enough to be much help to anyone.

At the time, maybe it was because I was young or because of my 'programming', I wasn't very interested in my origin. I just wanted to find a place for myself and be helpful. Unfortuantely I was useless at most tasks and while I enjoyed learning, wasn't very attentive. So for a time I was sent to a ranch, having some eptitude with animals. It wasn't very satisfying, but it was something to do. I always wanted to do something else, but I didn't know what until one night.

A sheep had managed to wander off under my care. Embaresed, I hurried after the wayway sheep, ignoring the setting sun. By the time I finally came across it, the moon had risen and so had the monstrous Stalchilds. The squat skeletons were upon us when something clicked in my head. It was just a sheep, but I had to defend it and myself. And I did. I was told the flames could be seen from the ranch.

When I came back to the ranch with the sheep and explained what had happened and demonstrated my newfound mastery of fire I was quickly sent to Castle Town. Very few Hylians had such a natural skill with magic, and the ones that did were at the castle. That's where everything changed. That's where I met him.

It seems silly now, but when I first set eyes upon the head knight standing beside the princess I got my first crush. It was obvious he and the princess were interested in each other, but I couldn't help it. When I was given the offer to be a knight page under The Hero of Time, I instantly agreed.

Finally, something I was good at! I excelled at my knight training. Any weapon I was handed I learned to master quickly. This was perfect. Everything felt right. Getting stronger, defending Hyrule, being around Link...It was the happiest few years of my short life. But like all good things, it wasn't meant to last.