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The Story of Rika Kurosaki
My tales throughout Zomg and Beyond
Tell Me Your Name #14
Tell Me Your Name #14

Zen Gardens, the dolls patrol the walkways as normal, the drums to the north and lanterns prowl at night. But something is different today, perhaps it could be the 9ft 2 ton metal war machine following me everywhere I go. It was strange how this suddenly changed that day he saved me in Deadman's Pass, but I didn't mind at all, this was of course what I wanted to begin with. Now rather then me following him around he was following me, protecting me from the shadows like some kind of guardian. A smiled at the thought, my metal guardian angel. A glanced over my shoulder, he was still there in the shadow of a nearby cherry blossom tree. He kept trying to wipe off the petals that fell on his armor but the flowers continued to fall on him. I couldn't help but giggle, "If you don't want to be covered in flowers then don't stand under them." After a few moments he finally gives up and comes out into the sunlight. He shakes off the remaining petals then continues to stand guard silently.
Other gaians pass by, trying not to make it obvious that they only came close to investigate this strange armored figure standing guard over a simple girl. “Tell me your name, please.” He looked over at me a moment then back out to the gardens to keep watch, staying quiet again. “All I want is a name, is that so hard?”
“118. I am Spartan number 118.”
“But I didn’t ask your number, I asked your name.”
“118. My number will be sufficient.” He kept looking out into the gardens, his mind seemed to be on something else. 118? I just didn’t like the idea of using a number as his name. I watched him and thought long and hard, what to call him? All the obvious nicknames: Butch, Max, Rex, and several others just as odd, none seemed to fit him. I kept studying him as he stood there, every detail of his armor, his weapons, his size, thinking of his voice, anything to spark a name. I stared at the back of his helmet then noticed something. It was so faint, I could barely see it at all. A small golden glowing halo wrapped around his helmet, but it wasn’t a real halo, it was his soul somehow but it was so weak it was barely there at all. I stood up and walked to his side and looked up at him and said, “Halo.” He looked down at me.
“Halo. That is your name now, Halo.”
He shook his head “That’s not a name, that’s a thing.”
“Yes, and no. It is a thing, and it is now your name. I’m going to call you Halo.” He just stared at me, his visor made it impossible to see his face so I could only guess what he was thinking, probably how foolish I sounded. He then resumed his watch. “And by the way, my name is Rika, Rika Kurosaki in case you were wondering.” He nods but stays silent. I smiled and sat back down underneath the cherry blossom tree.

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commentCommented on: Wed Aug 22, 2012 @ 10:41pm
^__^ b great progress, loving it!

commentCommented on: Wed Aug 29, 2012 @ 11:00pm
Very nice! I like the name you bestowed upon number 118. -grins-

Hades Himesama
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