I just read through 2 of the biggest reasons for why a lot of the people on this site can go ******** themselves. I can't believe the ideology behind them: "Kids these days are p***y bitches." Practically every response is like this; all the retardation of the ED piled up into 2 threads.


Let me summarize this. These are threads in the ED, a forum where the vast majority of people waste their time providing political arguments with all of their so-called 'confidence' that is better spent taking these same arguments to Congress, the President; you name it, but instead they're on an anime-based board trying to have heated internet debate towards what they call 'hipsters' and 'drugged out teenagers'.

These people are posting in a thread based around emotions, something they're completely incapable of comprehending without going completely ballistic and resorting to name calling for no good reason, basically screaming at the top of their lungs about how these people should 'shut the ******** up' and are pretty much protecting the 'Freedom of Speech' of the attackers OVER the 'Freedom of Speech' of the ones being even slightly harassed. "The attackers are allowed to b***h and complain, BUT YOU'RE NOT!" Seriously, go back to adding the same ad hominem over and over like, "You don't have a job, therefore you know nothing about politics." to the rest of your horrible political agenda and bad arguments you provide in every ******** thread, because you know nothing about these people's lives and are better not even responding to if you're going to justify unwarranted negativity towards people you don't even know.

You know what anyone reading this should understand? 'Be the change you expect others to be' and stop calling people 'pussies' over the internet like ******** morons. I don't see any of these people actually being something worth living up to, so they can all kiss my ******** a**.