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VKiera's Story Box Mostly full of old NPC story contest entries, they were a lot of fun to create back in the day!

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A fun extra story that's not actually for the contest.Though I do have to say reading Monday Delirium's story got me thinking about these characters so props to him. This isn't as edited or well planned out as my actual entry and may be overly strange, but please enjoy it anyways. xd

Heads or Tails?

Setting one pale gaunt elbow on the bar Friday stared down with disinterested red eyes at the shot glass in front of him. Smoke from cigars and ladies cigarettes lingered and curled though the dimly lit air and the clack of dice echoed in the mostly empty room.

It’d been a slow day at the Club, not even worth rolling up his sleeves to turn the roulette wheel. No one had even gotten past Jackie today.

Said Black Jack player waltzed by with a dice bunny on his arm, whistling while he added a new joker to his deck of cards.

One more notch to add to their ever growing list of souls.

Lady Luck had not smiled on anyone today.

And people thought he was cruel.

She was always around, a tempting site, a chance at freedom to those who’d just landed in Limbo.

Foolish notion really, relying on luck.

He glanced up upon hearing the rustle of fabric, a flash of a white upon the corner of his sight, and woman in a white dress slipped around behind him. The whiff of ladies perfume lingering in her wake.

Speak of the devil.

Luck gathered her skirts and sat at the opposite end of the bar, calling the bartender over to order a drink. She looked across to him, lips curving up gently as a martini was set in front of her.

‘A smile like the promise of the shore to a drowning man’ he thought, but that smile was more cruel than any glare he could ever give. True, he never gave anyone hope like she did, but he also never let anyone down either.

He never gave you promises, never gave you hope. With him you always knew exactly what you were getting.

Bad luck anyway you slice it.

He was the incarnation of bad luck, the worst person in this God forsaken place to go up against to try to when your freedom, but still they tried, still they put their faith in ‘Lady Luck’

They bet everything on her, in hopes of taking it all. When all she ever really did was pull them up higher before dropping them down.

They lose all the same in the end.

They led people to the same fate, albeit by different paths.

He always sought to bring them down and she rarely gave the luck she was so named for. Instead, she held them up, kept them above water just long enough to make them think 'just maybe' and then she let them fall into his readily waiting grasp.

In a strange way they were much the same, different sides of the same coin.

He grinned at that and fished out a gold coin from his vest pocket. Playing with it he let it tumble over his fingers and back again, glinting sharply where it caught the light. A thoughtful 'hum' escaped his pale lips while his other hand tapped out a deadly melody on the wooden bar’s surface.

Good luck, bad luck? All the same really, here in Limbo.

He looked back over to Luck and she smiled a little wider. He thought perhaps she knew too, how unkind they both really were. That smile of hers always did have a hard edge to it; she lifted her glass in a silent toast.

He joined her; raising his shot glass in silent agreement and then dropped the whiskey back.

He flipped the coin up high.

Good luck or bad?

Heads or tails?

No matter, really.

The House always wins either way.

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Shadow Adanza
Community Member

Mon Aug 20, 2012 @ 06:41am

Uno comment para tu.

So you can't call me out on it.

Rusted Child
Community Member

Mon Aug 20, 2012 @ 07:58am

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Silk Kanishk
Community Member

Mon Aug 20, 2012 @ 12:47pm

You have a real artistic flair for writing, VK! Nicely done. emotion_yatta STructuring could be better though. Sometimes it's hard to understand sentences. sweatdrop

User Comments: [3]
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