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"stupid rat. Stupid shigure", I said as i kicked a rock around. "Why do I Have to go to sohma house? Why can't that damn rat do it." I ended up at a huge house with old bricks that made it look like it belonged in the forest. The trees and Flowers growing around the outside gate made it look like A dream house. Ugh, sounds like something torhu would say.

I pressed the button beside the camera and speaker. "Kyo sohma here To assist Hatori.", I said into the speaker. "Who sent you? Hatori cannot have visitors.", The man on the other side of the speaker said. "Shigure sohma sent me.", I replied, Rolling my eyes. Shigure said everyone knew i was coming. I bet he didn't even call in. Lazy Bastard. "Alright, you are allowed in. welcome back, Kyo."

Hatori was sitting there, Filling out forms. As if he could sense me there, he turned around. "Come on in kyo." "Hey. What do you want me to do?", i replied, Shocked he knew i was there. "I need you to take these to Akito.", He told me. I nodded. Just the mention of his name was enough to make me shiver. I thought of how akito was head of the family, The most powerful, The most scary. He Knew torhu. Anything we did wrong, They would hurt her. I didn't know how. Neither did yuki or shigure. But we all knew it was bad. We all knew to follow akitos orders, to save torhu.

"KYO? GET DOWN HERE! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL", Shigure shouted at the top of his lungs. Lucky no one else lived on our property, or they would all think he was mad. That's just the way shigure is. Crazy, and In love with girls (Pervy all the way!). Torhu was in the kitchen making breakfast. "Good morning, Kyo! I hope you had a good sleep.", she said, with her usual perkyness. "Yeah, whats so good about it? If i see that damn rat this morning, I am gonna...", I started, But got cut when HE Walked into the room. "You're gonna what?", Said yuki, Standing in the door way."Nevermind. Like i would even tell you, Damn Rat." "Oh, Guys, Don't fight! I don't want this to end bad...", Torhu Said, But it was too late. The last of her sentence was drownded out with the Yells coming from Me, Torhu who tried to stop us, and shigure. Shigure just kept yelling for us to go to school. he had no idea what we were doing. But then he walked into the room, and we stopped in our tracks. And thats basicaly how i got the "wonderful" job of helping hatori (woo-hoo.).

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