So you might stumble across this by some absurd and unknown reason. But, please don't exit it. And read.

I don't even know where to start. Well I guess I should start with this: Sorry. And yes, I know... "Another sorry? I think this is the millionth time." It's just that I miss you. And thinking about losing such a great friend like you, it hurts. Now I can adapt to not caring about you--at all--and I can live without you--it's fine. But, not saying goodbye to you properly seems wrong. And maybe, by the longest shot, you would want to be my friend again? No? Well, alright I guess. If it's a no, what else can I do?

Now this is where it kind of gets mushy and s**t. So, if you said no, then you probably should exit this journal entry and go. Go Away now. But if it's a yes or you're somehow unsure, please take a look:

I miss you bad. So ******** bad. It's not the oh-s**t-i'm-going-to-die-without-you bad, or the i'm going-to-kill-myself bad. It's just bad. And how have you been? Has life been fair to you? Well it has to me. Ever since Sonic came into my life everything's just awesome :3 But enough about me. Your turn. Do you miss me? Even just the tiniest bit? Because I miss everything--the talking; the jokes; the fun. I miss you. And, again, I'm sorry. For all the s**t I've done. I made you feel as if you were not important by not following up to my promises. But now, since I do keep my promises, I promise that if you give me a chance, I will cherish that chance and keep all my promises from now on.

So, unblock me maybe? .w.
Even if you didn't or you did, Thanks for your time.
And if it's a no, Bye bro ;_;