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Warnings: Sexual Themes, Swearing, Character Death, Mutant Powers, and Pillow Forts.

Please Enjoy.

Chapter One - Introduction to Utopia

Alma Coin briskly marched across the green field. Her folder was clutched in her sweaty hands. She was constantly switching her folder hands to wipe away the sweat on her palms, but no matter how hard she tried, she could never manage to completely stop the sweat. Alma Coin was nervous, probably for one of the first times in her life. She could deffinately count on one hand the times she had actually ever been nervous, but this time probably beat all the others.

She finally reached the building the students mockingly called the 'Capitol'. The name had stuck because it was where the staff and principal worked and lived. She pulled her pass card from her key chain and slid it into the slot. The door paused for idetification, and then swung open. "Welcome, School President Alma Coin. Security Level is high," intoned the automated voice. Alma really hated the robotic undertones of the computer's mainstream. She would have to pull Beetee in to see if he could fix that.

She entered the huge room that was made for the entire staff to meet in. When there were few people in it; like this present occasion, Alma and the others usually felt dwarfed in comparrison. But now, with that one being in the room, Alma wasn't focused on how small she felt.

The president had never seen her liege's face. The mauled face was hidden behind a mask in the shape of a butterfly. From what she could tell from her lower face, her liege had been very beautiful before she had been so badly scarred. "Alma, have you recieved the mutant rates from our friends yet?" Alma Coin shivered. She hated the cold undertones of the melodious voice.

"Yes, Mi'lady... 15 mutants this year, spread out through campus." She could see the woman's eyes flare, and candles were extinguished all through the room, leaving them in complete silence. "No. There are 17. I can tell. And you will find them all for me." The president nodded meekly.

"Yes, Mi'lady. It will not be hard now that I know how many-" Alma was abruptly cut off. "And two of them are not new students; ergo, you have let me down before. Do not let it happen again," finished the woman.

On that note, Ms Alma Coin walked shakily out of the room. As soon as the entrance to the meeting room was out of sight, she broke into a run for her rooms. She needed to plan, badly.