So i herd you liek artz?

Hi there!
I love drawing, especialy avatars that challenge me!. However because I am a growing artist my style does change over time so make sure you check out the newest examples okie dokie?

To order from me:

It's pretty simple to order from me just send me a PM, though i'm not usualy that active on gaia untill i'm doing a art auction, a giveaway or have work to do on here so please bare in mind that it might take me some time to get back to you. If you'd prefare to contact me directly so i can respond to you like ALOT sooner then just send me a note on deviantART my username is Shitawashii.

So however you decide to contact me either dA or Gaia here are some things you need to know:

- I will draw gaia avatars + Oc's
- I will draw from a written discription (but make it as detailed as possible)
- I will draw pinup style art
- If your avi is clutterd I probbably will leave some things off, but I try not too.
- I am NOT good at drawing animals like. AT ALL.
- Nor can i draw mech' or armour very good but I will try :3
- If you contact me via dA you can either pay in Gaia Gold, or dA Points (up to you)
- I will not drawn porn. simple as.
- You as the buyer set the price, you can either set it after you have seen the art, or before.
- I may well decline your request if the subject you wish me to draw is either a) out of my skill range imo, or b) all one color.